Credits to Dot Esports. ION Esports won against EVOS Reborn with a difference of two points.

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Indonesia 2022 Spring is won by ION Esports!

Newsroom Apr 25, 2022
ION Esports bagged this year's PMPL Indonesia 2022 Spring.
They will be qualified for the SEA Championships with two other runner-ups.
Three more teams will be qualified for the SEA Championships play-offs.

It seems like there are some more tough teams to go against in the SEA championship. The PMPL Indonesia 2022 Spring has just ended, and they have already crowned their winner. More teams will be appearing in the play-off for the SEA Championship event. This is going to be a great match, with the new and the old teams coming together to battle out who is going to be the best team in Southeast Asia in PUBG. In today’s blog, we will be getting into more details about the PMPL Indonesia Spring 2022.

Who is the winner of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Indonesia 2022 Spring?

Before we get into any topics, let us delve into the winning team of the tournament. The trophy was taken home by ION Esports. The grand finale, which ran for three days, was one of the most interesting and nail-biting matches ever. It could hardly be guessed which team was going to win the finale. ION Esports and the second-placed team, EVOS Reborn, are separated by only two points.All the teams had given their absolute best. There were times in the match when everyone thought that EVOS was definitely going to win. However, ION Esports had shown some great consistency and had pushed through till the very last minute. This was quite commendable, and they deserved the win.

ION Esports came first with 214 points and got a cash prize of $25,000. Other than that, the team has got a direct pass to play in the SEA Championships. This was quite a massive win for the ION Esports team, and we hope that they will manage to win the SEA Championships too!

How many teams have qualified for the SEA Championship from Indonesia?

The PMPL Indonesia 2022 Spring was also held to choose the qualifiers who will be going to the SEA championship. ION Esports has already qualified for the championship. There are two other teams that have qualified too. They are the runners-up of the tournament : EVOS Reborn and RRQ RYU. That is something that one would have already guessed. There aren’t many point differences between the three teams, and as mentioned before, it was an extremely close match. The MVP of the match was Nerpehko, who belongs to RRQ RYU. Therefore, there is hardly any doubt that these three teams will get to directly compete in the SEA Champions.

However, there are three other teams that are qualified to play in the SEA Championship’s play-off. That is, they will have to fight against other teams to get a place in the SEA Championship. The three teams that are qualified for the play-offs are: Bigetron RA, NFT Esports, and VOIN Victory.

Credits to Dot Esports. SEA Championship is around the corner!

All of the teams had performed admirably and provided stiff competition to one another. The PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Indonesia 2022 Spring was quite a successful event, and now soon enough, the SEA Championships will start.

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