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Professions To Take Up In The Gaming Industry If Not Gaming

Community Apr 4, 2022

According to, the market value of India’s gaming industry was around 90 billion Indian rupees in the financial year 2020. This was estimated to go up to over 143 billion rupees by 2022, and there are now over 100 game production businesses in India. There is a growing demand for people in this industry, ranging from artists to developers to designers to audio designers. There are numerous intriguing job opportunities available that involve not only playing games but also producing them.

Let's take a look at a few of the exciting careers available in the gaming business.

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Game Designer:

Are you bursting at the seams with video game concepts? If so, being a video game designer could be a good fit for you. They are the game's architects, and their job entails planning and defining all of the game's aspects, such as its setting, rules, environment, story flow, levels, characters, vehicles, weaponry, and so on. Game designers provide a vision for the game, which is subsequently realized with the support of programmers, animators, producers, and audio engineers.

Narrative Designer:

A story without context is analogous to a ship without a rudder. Narrative designers collaborate closely with game designers to offer context to the tale, such as how the monster became the monster, why they must be beaten, and what the player will achieve as a result of conquering the villain. A narrative designer's tools are words, which they use to write conversations for characters and in-game text.

However, their ingenuity plays a role when writers have to depict the events through the characters' movements or looks rather than what they say. Their job is to put the icing on the cake of gameplay by establishing the "narrative experience" the user will have while playing, thereby improving the overall gaming experience.

Game Programmer and Software Developer:

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Programmers are in charge of supplying fuel to the engine. They write technical codes that allow the game concept to function. To improve gameplay, you'll employ programming languages and "engines" on the more technical side of game design. Developers build the software that allows games to function as intended by the designers, and programmers utilize problem-solving skills to create the code that converts the game designers' ideas into instructions that video game systems can understand.

Audio Engineer:

There are so many memorable sounds in video games, such as GTA San Andreas' theme music and the game's gunshots. Sound designers and audio engineers are responsible for all of this. They use soundtracks and sound effects to bring authenticity to the in-game world. Because sound has become such an important element of the gaming experience, becoming an audio engineer could be the ideal gaming career for you if you're passionate about audio and creating the perfect ambiance.

Games Animator

Visual artists and animators provide physical structure to the game's characters, objects, environment, and scenery. Within the gaming industry, the capacity to graphically bring video games to life is becoming increasingly valuable. Animators are in charge of creating a series of images that graphically reflect the movement and behavior of characters in a game using specialized software.

Games Artist

If you have an artistic bent, a job as a game artist might be ideal for you. Whether you're attempting to make a game look as realistic as possible or prefer a more stylized look, your work as a game artist will require you to use your innovative and creative abilities to produce all visual aspects, such as character models, scenery, and surface textures.

Interpreters and translators

Because the video game industry is a global economy, games must be translated before they can be promoted to international audiences. Interpreters will translate the dialogue of the characters into numerous languages, while interpreters will modify the instructions and paperwork from their respective languages so that they are understood worldwide. If you’re not bilingual, don’t worry.

DevOps Engineer:

DevOps engineers are needed to construct and maintain networks and servers as games become more online-focused. In an online multiplayer game, each player runs the game locally while engaging with online services in the backend; the DevOps Engineer is responsible for the server's flawless operation and security.

Essentially, it is a role between the development and operations teams, which implies that they are expected to have coding abilities as well as handle network infrastructure operations.

Game Tester:

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Now it's time to play some games! Unfortunately, due to a strong emphasis on quality assurance, it is not as straightforward as it sounds. Game testers do not simply sit down with a cup of tea and play through the levels. They methodically play-test the game, analyzing its performance, discovering bugs, and offering improvements to the programmers to improve the quality and playability before it is released to the public.

Game testing entails repeatedly playing the same level to ensure that there are no bugs or malfunctions. The job requires playing games for lengthy periods and ensuring that players' gaming experiences are not ruined by defects.

Journalist or Critic of Video Games:

Journalists and critics are essential components of any entertainment sector. When a new game is released on the market, they provide vital reviews and criticism for purchasers. Because you can't judge a book by its cover, a critic will read it for you, analyze it, and write a review so you can make an informed decision about its entertainment value.

They are a hybrid of a gamer and a writer who play and understand the game's mechanics before explaining it to their audience in simple terms.

Tournament Organizers:

If you don’t want to go exactly into the production of a game, why not organize tournaments for the said game? You don’t require formal education to become an organizer. There are multiple pros to being an organizer, you can have your own business, you get to experience new things, and you get to meet interesting people!

This blog has come to an end; we hope you enjoyed it and discovered a career that you might be interested in!

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