Amazon might be bringing Prime Gaming to India. Photo via Amazon.

Amazon might be bringing Prime Gaming to India. Photo via Amazon. 

Prime Gaming is coming to India

Newsroom Dec 8, 2022

Amazon might be bringing Prime Gaming to India

With the growing scene of gaming in India, more and more companies are trying to make use of the space. Top gaming companies find India to be a highly lucrative market and one where there is plenty of layers for a variety of services while limiting the losses and time period it will take to establish growth.

Amazon is running a variety of ventures in India at the moment and most of them have given positive outputs in terms of economics which makes this a timely and obvious decision.  Prime Gaming is another one of Amazon's services like Prime Music and Videos, just as the name suggests, it offers tons of PC games at a subscription cost.

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Here on out, Prime Gaming will be included with other Amazon Prime Services that might see the prices shoot up or they might put in a whole new service other with separate charges.

“With Prime Gaming (included with your Prime membership) unlock instant access to tons of exclusive content for your favourite games and a rotating collection of PC games…each and every month,” says Amazon.

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Prime Gaming saves gamers the trouble and the money from owning so many games. Said, service brings together some of the best games that everyone often likes to enjoy once which doesn't make it a sound investment. In addition to that, having games on a subscription model is way more affordable and being in rotation means gamers have access to more games than just the ones they pay for.

With more and more companies starting to offer subscription based models. companies like Amazon have set the benchmark on how to execute while offering services that everyone likes and making a ton of money from it while at it. Gamers, Amazon and developers are all happy and such businesses are thriving. With a market as big as India, it is no secret why Amazon wasn't to bring it here after massive success in the US.  

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This news surfaced after users noticed that Amazon has put up an Amazon Gaming under services in India on their website. Unfortunately, it leads to nowhere and we have a strong inkling that this service might soon make it to Indian consumers.  

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