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PlayStation will bring two hours of Demo Trials for Premium Users!

Newsroom Apr 28, 2022
Sony will be introducing trails for only PS Plus Premium users.
Only the games which cost more than $34 will be given for trials.
The demos will come from some months before the game will be released on the platform.

Sony has been working on making some new changes to the PlayStation Premium subscriptions and also revamping the structure. All of this would help the players have a better experience with their premium subscription and structure. In today’s blog, we will be getting what Sony has to offer in their new Premium service, and what more could they be offering? Sony has finally gotten around to changing the subscription tiers, which will ensure that more people will get the subscriptions and find them more budget-friendly.

What is PS Plus Premium?

PlayStation Plus Premium is the subscription platform where you get more benefits than normal players who have not subscribed. There are three tiers of the subscriptions: PlayStation Plus Essential, which is $59.99 per year, PlayStation Plus Extra, which is $99.99 per year, and PlayStation Plus Premium, which is $119.99 per year. Of course, the Premium gives you the maximum benefits. However, we are not getting into all the benefits in detail. However, some of the fun benefits include an online multiplayer mode, 100GB of cloud storage, etc. All of these benefits will be charged accordingly to the different tiers. Hence, if you want to get a subscription, you will have to buy what you need.

Credits to TweakTown. Benefits of different Subscription Tiers.

What are the new changes to the PS Plus Premium?

Sony has decided to make some new changes in the Premium tier, and they have announced one major change. They are going to include a trial for the game that will be coming out on the Play Station. This means that all game developers will be required to send over a separate trial for the game they are planning to release. In fact, the trial will come before the release of the game. Apparently, Sony will be giving notice to the developers beforehand of their release. They will have to attend the trial, which will last for two hours. This will give the gamers an understanding of which games they want to buy and which ones they don’t. This is honestly going to save us a lot of budgets!

Credits to Playstation Blog. PlayStation Plus helps you to get multiple benefits to play games on your console.

However, there are some more conditions to that. If the game cost $34 or more, then the developers would have to pay for the trials. Hence, you will be saving up on the costly games.

When are the changes coming to PS Plus Premium?

Sony is working on the changes, and they have announced this major change. We are not quite sure when Sony will be releasing all these changes. But we do have a tentative date for the release. Maybe it will be released in the month of June. We hope that there will be more changes that Sony might announce or we might get to see when the update will come.

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Would the changes be available for the other Subscription Tiers?

Unfortunately, for the other two subscription tiers, this update will not be available. This is the only one for the PlayStation Plus Premium.

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