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Opportunities and challenges in the Gaming Industry: Interview Ishan Srivastava

Interview Jun 10, 2022

We are back with another episode of Tournatalks. In the fourteenth episode of Tournatalks, we had an insightful discussion on the opportunities in the gaming industry and how to overcome the challenges in your way with our special guest. We invite gamers, organizers, and much more eminent people from the gaming industry to spread awareness on various issues related to gaming, and Esports, and gain some valuable points from the professionals themselves.

In the fourteenth episode of Tournatalks, we invited Mr. Ishan Srivastava who is a gamer, caster, YouTuber, Gaming Coach, and Marketing Director, Ravenclaw Esports. The session was hosted by Ambika from team Tournafest.

Let us take a look at some of the interesting questions from the session.

"How has your journey been in the gaming industry till now?"

Ishan went on a nostalgic journey when asked this question. He simply answered, "My journey has been absolutely great. I've seen too many ups and downs and as they say, "You watch and learn". I've learned a lot from games."

"When did you decide that you wanted to do something other than gaming but in this industry only?"

"You always go through a phase where you're playing a game and you realize what you're good at. You should have a cause and a motive behind whatever you're doing and you'll eventually find your calling. My inspiration behind changing my line of work was the stereotypical thought process of my parents that gaming doesn't have a secure future like other professions." Ishan answered.

"Can you tell us what casting is all about? "

"If you want to make your mark on the Esports industry, you need to do something big in any field. I realized quite early that gaming is not my calling so I tried my hands on casting. There are a few prerequisites you need if you want to be a caster, you should know everything about the game. You've to be energetic, you've to engage your audience. You need to be well communicated," informed Ishan when asked about what is casting.

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"Few tips you'd like to give to the people who are interested in casting?"

"If I talk about qualities you need apart from the "a good device" factor then the first thing you need is to understand the tournament or the game you'll be casting at. If there's a tournament or a scrim, you've to modulate your style of communication accordingly. Next, you've to study your game, the maps, the strategies, and the whole game in general so that you can apply all the analytics accordingly. If it comes out good, you can be a great caster," advised Ishan.

"Can you tell us about the roles and responsibilities of a marketing director in the gaming sector?"

He explained his work structure by saying that "The basic role that a marketing director plays in an organization is in the sponsorship dealings of the organization, working on the branding and managing to do all this in the most feasible financial manner."

"You've worked in so many different fields in the gaming industry and are still working. How do you manage so many things at once? "

"Yes, it becomes quite difficult and hectic to manage so many things at once. I try to manage my responsibilities accordingly between my organization and my personal content. I watch other people working on so many different things so I learn management from there," answered Ishan when asked about his working habits

"Are there times when you wear out completely? How do you overcome that?"

"It's difficult to even explain how depressing things can become at once. Social media is in a constant state of comparison. You're always compared to someone better than you or some organization that is performing better than you. My simple idea for handling this is to keep things on hold for a while. I cut off from social media for a while so as to detoxify. I put a status informing my followers that I'll be inactive for some time. It is important for your mental health, it gives you the peace you sometimes need." Introspected Ishan when asked about his detoxification technique.

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"What's your 'mantra' that helps you to keep moving forward?"

Ishan gave a very inspiring answer to this, "My main motive is to change the mentality of the people that they have towards Esports. I want to make people understand that if their kid or anyone around them wants to be a gamer then they can pursue their dreams freely without any pressure or restrictions from anyone. My mantra is to reach my goal and to change the perception of people. I don't think I'd stop unless I make this happen."

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That's all for Tournafest's fourteenth TournaTalks episode. Our guest was really amazing and answered all the questions our audience needed to know. If you want to watch the whole session, head to Tournafest's Instagram page.

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