Nvidia to release a brand new AI Chip for the Gamers and Miners!

Newsroom Sep 23, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into all the details of the brand new generation of chips being released by Nvidia.

Nvidia is all set to release their Lovelace generation of chips.
These chips are going to have a special AI feature!
Not only this, the chips are going to help all the crypto miners too!

Technology is getting more advanced by the day as we speak, and tech companies are making sure that they come up with the fastest and simplest tech for everything possible. Nvidia recently was striving to do just that, and they have come up with something quite revolutionary. In today’s news blog, we will be looking into the new gaming chip that Nvidia has finally come up with and how it is going to change our gaming requirements, and help us with our PCs and laptops to render things faster.

What is so special about Nvidia’s new Gaming Chip?

Now you might be wondering what makes these new chips so special from the rest of the chips that Nvidia has been coming up with. Well, for starters, Nvidia has changed the manufacturing companies for the chips after quite a long time. Previously, a maximum of the chips were manufactured by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. However, this generation of chips will be manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, as they will be using their $N chip technology which makes the accessing and passing of information or data extremely fast. Hence, we can expect a lot of changes in the processing of the chips.

The chips are going to use AI for their computation.
Photo by Laura Ockel / Unsplash. The chips are going to use AI for their computation.

This generation of chips will be called “Ada Lovelace” based on the British mathematician who was considered to be an early pioneer of computer science. The most innovative feature of the Lovelace generation of chips is going to be its AI feature. Previously, all the chips would compute the whole frame, and then come up with an estimate as to how much is each pixel going to take on the screen. However, with the AI feature, the AI is going to come up with a figure as to how much is the pixel going to be visible on the screen. This will save a lot of time and pressure on the chip and the fps will keep on increasing.

Another feature that is going to help cryptocurrency miners a lot is the absence of a hash-rate limiter. Previously, the limiter would be the reason why people would find it so difficult to mine cryptos like Ethereum. However, with no such limiter, the new regulations about the mining of cryptos are going to help out people a lot and make mining a lot more regulated and easier.

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How much are the Lovelace Chips going to cost?

If you are interested in the chips, now you might be wondering how much they will cost. Well, the Lovelace chips or GeForce RTX 4090 model of the chip will be selling at $1,599 from October 12, 2021. Hence, if you want to buy the chip, make sure to save up for it. This is going to be quite a revolutionary Nvidia chip which is going to be better and faster.

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