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NODWIN Gaming’s first-ever televised BGMI Master Series is breaking records!

Newsroom Jul 18, 2022

NODWIN Gaming has recorded that there have been more than a million views for the BGMI Masters Series that is being broadcasted on Star Sports!

The first BGMI Masters Series has recorded the highest number of views till date on Television!
This will definitely open up the doors for more Esports tournaments to be broadcasted on television.

As you might have already known, the first ever BGMI Master Series was being televised in India. It has definitely gone above our expectations in the way it performed with the people! It was truly quite amazing how the Indian audience had supported such a huge step taken by the Esports community. After such a massive success, we are more than confident that there will be even more tournaments and such which will be televised on various channels! This is quite a huge win for the Indian Esports community, and they should be appreciated for it!

How many views did the BGMI Master Series get on television?

The BGMI Masters Series started back on June 24, and the finals will be held on July 17. Hence, as the Masters is coming to an end, the company decided to have a look at the viewership for the series, and they were more than shocked with the numbers! Even we were quite amazed and had not expected that so many people would watch the series on television to show support! NODWIN Gaming informed us that there have been approximately 1.2 million impressions on the channel on the first day itself! And if we were to record all the daily views together, then it would stand at a total of 12.3 million views! That is a massive amount of views for Indian television, and for an Esports tournament series being broadcast for the first time.

The numbers are quite higher than some of the popular sports events that recorded a good number of views, like the Australian Open 2022  where the global impression was recorded to be at 10.5 lakh/one million on the first day itself. The French Open had approximately 6.5 million impressions, and in fact, the UEFA CL Semi-Finals had some 4.6 million impressions.

Not only this, but the BGMI Masters series was also streamed live on Loco and Glance Live. We cannot ignore these live streaming platforms, as many Esports enthusiasts even like to watch the streams more than the channels, and they have recorded 53.9 million views in the first week of the Series itself! This was quite an exceptional number, and we cannot even believe that BGMI has such a huge effect on the people.

When is the finale of the BGMI Master Series?

The BGMI Master Series is going to be held on July 17th, 2022. Hence, make sure that you catch the finale and see who is going to be the winner of the BGMI Master Series 2022! The event will be streamed live on Loco and Glance Live. Otherwise, you can tune in to Star Sports 2 to watch the whole series live on TV!

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