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Nintendo Switch System Update 14.1.0

Newsroom Apr 7, 2022
A new Nintendo Switch System Update 14.1.0 went live.
There will be two updates: one dealing with notifications, and another with custom icons.
Another update is coming up soon again.

For all the Nintendo Switch users, there is some amazing news! There is a new update out, and the fans are quite happy with it. Nintendo has been coming up with some good updates frequently. This was quite interesting as nobody expected another update so soon. In this article, we will be getting into details about the Nintendo Switch Update 14.1.0, what else they have added, and what it will mean for users after these updates. We will also be getting into the patch notes to see if there are some new updates in store for Switch users.

When is the Nintendo Switch System Update 14.1.0 going to be released?

If you are not an avid Switch user, then you would be quite excited to know that Update 14.1.0 has already been released back on April 5, 2022. Hence, it has already been released. If you want to check out what new has been updated, and want to see it for yourself first, then we would recommend you go ahead right now and try to find out the new changes. This was quite an unexpected update, even though there was a new update of 14.0.0 on March 21. It has been hardly a month and there are already new updates on the way.

Credits to GameXplain’s Youtube. The new Update was released quite soon.

Though we have little knowledge about when the next update might be, it is quite clear that Nintendo is trying to fix some bugs and come up with some additional updates and features. Perhaps after a few weeks, there will be another update once again. Therefore, we can only wait for the next update to come.

What are the new updates in the 14.1.0 Patch?

The first feature that has been included is Platinum Point Notification Settings. This has been quite helpful for gamers who often tend to forget about using their Platinum points, and most of them go unused. However, there is nothing to worry about anymore. As with this new update, from now on, if you do have unclaimed Platinum points after completing your daily Nintendo Switch Online missions, you will get a notification on your switch. Therefore, after the missions, you will get a notification about how many points are available to claim. However, there are certain countries and regions where the points and awards are not available. Hence, this update would not help them that much.

Credits to Nintendo Life. Some of the custom icons are available. 

However, if you feel these notifications are quite unnecessary, then you can switch them off. This would not give you any reminders about your unclaimed points. Another thing that was added in the update was that now you can even collect custom icons in games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Splatoon 2. It would be quite interesting to collect and claim all these cool new rewards and show them off to your friends in-game. Hence, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and update your Nintendo Switch now!

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