Nintendo is coming up with some irresistible deals!

Credits to IGN India. Nintendo is coming up with some irresistible deals!

Nintendo Made this Pokemon Game Completely Free for its Users!

Newsroom Aug 20, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into how to unlock the Nintendo's Free Deal on Pokken Tournament DX!

The Pokken Tournament DX is made free on Nintendo!
Deal is available till Aug 24th.
You have to be a member of the Nintendo Switch Online to get the deal.

There are certain game companies that make sure to give their customers various offers from time to time, and this makes the fans all the more excited to check out these offers, and even play the games. One of the best examples is that of Epic Games, where there are tons of games that are made free weekly for gamers to enjoy and explore. Sometimes, they even give sales on some of the biggest and best games of the year. Nintendo is doing something very similar too. In this blog, we will be getting into which games Nintendo is making free and what is the catch?

Which Game is Nintendo Making Free?

Pretty sure all the gamers are more than excited about which game is exactly going to be free, and what is the whole deal. Well, as you might have heard or might be aware, the Pokemon Championships started on August 18th, and hence, in honour of the Tournament, Nintendo has decided that they will make the Pokken Tournament DX free for a limited time only!

Now you might ask, why Pokken Tournament DX? Well, there is not such a major reason. They have made it free because it is lined up for the Pokemon Championships, and they are trying hard to promote the Championships as much as possible. The game is quite fun to play if you have not tried it out yet. Also, it is a good time to try it out as the game will not be free forever.

When is the Deal Coming Live?

For those who are ready to just start playing the game right away, well, the game is available for free right now. Nintendo had made the game free as soon as the Pokemon Championships started on the 18th of August. However, as mentioned before, the game is free for only a limited time. The offer will be there till August 24th at 11:59 pm PT.

Credits to Nintendo. All the information that you might want to know about.

However, if you think that once you get the game for free, you are going to have it for free completely. Well, you are mistaken. You can consider that Nintendo is going to give a free trial of Pokken Tournament DX. After August 24th, the game will have to be bought by those who are interested. However, there is nothing to feel disappointed about, as if you do get the game for free now, you will be getting a 30% discount on the game! This is a great deal overall.

How to Avail the Deal?

If you already have a Nintendo Switch, that will not be enough. You have to register yourself at Nintendo Switch Online, and if you have an account, you just have to log in there, and then you can get the game for free!

However, for those who do not have the registration, they will have to sign up for it under one of a number of plans that are available for everyone in the app. You can either opt for the 30-day plan, where you have to pay $3.99 every 30 days. Or you can go for the $49.99 plan for a whole year. Once you get registered, you will find the game becoming completely free for you!

What are you waiting for? Make sure to go ahead and register yourself to get the free deal now!

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