The new Valorant skins coming this month are cool, literally. Photo via Riot.

The new Valorant skins coming this month are cool, literally. Photo via Riot.

New Valorant skin coming soon!

Newsroom Dec 7, 2022

The new Valorant skins coming this month are cool, literally.

Valorant devs have been crafty with the skins, each one is different from the others, and really takes a lot out of each designer.  With the plethora of indifferent skins coming out through the developers, the latest skins that will come to Valorant later this month is something never seen before.

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We have had flame-throwing dragons under the same Elderflame collection, however, the devs have announced that later this month we will meet the “Cryostasis bundle” that will throw out ice blasts. The bundle will have a melee weapon, OP, Classic, and Bulldog skin sit along the ice-cold Vandal.

Named, the ion collection, this set of skins will make it to the game halfway into this month on the 14th of December 2022. No doubt that this is what Valorant would want for Christmas.

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"Put your enemies on ice when the Cryostasis bundle hits your shop DEC 14." read their Tweet.

It is difficult to predict the price of the skins at the moment but safe to say that they will be expensive and might consume your entire Christmas bonus.  It would be nice if the skins were free like the game itself but good things always come at a price.

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