New technologies in Gaming & Esports? Picture Courtesy: Esports

New technologies in Gaming & Esports? Picture Courtesy: Esports

New technologies in Gaming & Esports? What’s coming up?

Technology Sep 28, 2022

Our guide to the latest gaming technology trends includes insights from our software development experts.


  • The gaming industry is set to catapult into 2022 with new gaming trends, developments, and advancing technologies.
  • From virtual reality to artificial intelligence, these technologies are shaping the future of video games.

The gaming industry is expanding quickly, and technology is one of the main reasons. The video game business is changing due to significant gaming technological advances.

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Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming. Picture Courtesy: Verge

A significant development in the field of game technology is cloud gaming. Since the introduction of the first video games, playing video games required a PC or console. You paid for it; it's a cost. The gaming business has become quite cutthroat. Companies that create video games are always looking for ways to improve the user experience. They often enhance their gaming settings, content, and design. Better visuals, gesture controls, etc., might be some of them. When playing games, you should use them to your advantage.

The enhanced games are thrilling but need far more powerful computers or gaming consoles. Your laptops or game consoles need regular upgrades. Every 5 years, many people update them. This may be pricey. Significant publishers of video games are using cloud services to distribute their titles. These cloud-based services are accessible through subscription. These games may be accessed using Smart TVs. You can also play these games on lightweight streaming devices like Fire TV.

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Technology based on cloud computing does all the "hard lifting." No longer are costly gaming systems that need to be upgraded periodically. The market for cloud gaming is anticipated to expand quickly. According to a survey by Allied Industry Research, this market will increase from $244 million in 2020 to $21,954 million in 2030. The introduction of 5G will further boost this expansion. Giants like Google, Sony, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Amazon have all consciously entered the cloud gaming business. Some well-known cloud gaming services are Vortex, Boosteroid, Shadow, Amazon Luna, Nvidia GeForce Now, and Nividia GameStream.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR). Picture Courtesy: Consultant

Virtual reality gaming is widely used in the video game business. Future predictions indicate that VR games will grow in popularity. An immersive experience is provided by virtual reality (VR). This immersive experience may be pretty tempting in the game industry if it is effectively developed. Early on, some game makers saw the attractiveness of a virtual environment.

The potential of virtual reality in the game industry is being boosted by several recent and ongoing technical developments. These are listed below:

  • Meta Quest 2 and other VR headsets are becoming more affordable. They are now more accessible to gamers.
  • Design professionals have raised the bar for digital content thanks to new technologies. More gamers may be drawn in and keep playing when stunning visuals are coupled with an entirely immersive VR experience.
  • The development of VR, including the gaming sector, will be fueled by the deployment of 5G.
  • Future VR adoption will rise thanks to cloud VR. The game sector will experience the same thing.

The market for VR games is expanding significantly. According to a Fortune Business Insights analysis, this market is expected to increase from $7.92 billion in 2021 to $53.44 billion in 2028. The CAGR predicted by the research for 2021 to 2028 is 31.4%. The following are the most well-known VR games:

  • Arizona Sunshine;
  • Astro Bot: Rescue Mission;
  • Batman: Arkham VR;
  • Beat Saber;
  • Elite Dangerous VR;
  • Half-Life: Alyx;
  • I Expect You To Die 2;
  • Keep Talking, and Nobody Explodes;
  • Lone Echo 2.

Argentic, Whimsy Games, and KEVURU GAMES are well-known firms that create VR games. Although virtual and augmented reality are sometimes used interchangeably, both technologies have separate development curves. The same is true with AR games. The use of AR in video games is becoming more popular. According to a forecast by the imarc group, the worldwide market for augmented reality games will increase from $6.39 billion in 2021 to $38.03 billion in 2027.

Several well-known AR games include the following:

  • Pokémon Go;
  • DC: Batman Bat-Tech Edition;
  • Harry Potter: Wizards Unite;
  • Jurassic World Alive;
  • Zombies, Run!
  • The Walking Dead: Our World;
  • Kings of Pool.

The Metaverse

The Metaverse. Picture Courtesy: Forbes

The Metaverse is a topic of much discussion and a significant trend in the game industry. The online environment of the future, known as the Metaverse, is already developing. It will feature virtual versions of the people, things, and things in the real world. Real people's digital "avatars" will communicate with other "avatars" and engage with digital representations of reality.

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The Metaverse will use VR, AR, mobile, blockchain, and cryptocurrency technology. People will conduct their business and social relationships online. Even though the Metaverse is still a work in progress, the game industry has enthusiastically embraced it! The Metaverse is not a system that starts and ends. Users may engage with this immersive online environment since it is always available. Gaming businesses profit from this ongoing, immersive online environment. This rising tendency is likely to continue.

In the Metaverse, the games listed below are already quite well-liked:

Axie Infinity, Decentraland, Sandbox, Chain of Alliance, My Neighbor Alice, Krystopia, Alien Worlds, Farmers World, and Prospectors are a few of the games mentioned.

It goes beyond merely the well-known video games that make use of the Metaverse. The Metaverse and the game industry interact in exciting ways. The examples below demonstrate that: The Metaverse was used for performances by artists including Marshmello Scott, Travis Scott, and Ariana Grande. This was done in the immersive Fortnite gaming environment. The company that created Fortnite, Epic Games, has invested much money in the Metaverse.

Microsoft has big ideas about how to leverage the Metaverse for business. The initiative has received significant investment from the tech behemoth. With the purchase of Activision Blizzard and Minecraft, it has also invested in the Metaverse games. The video game creation business Roblox has developed a Metaverse platform. Game developers may produce digital goods on this platform, and gamers can exchange them. According to reports, this network has close to 50 million daily users.

Blockchain And NFTs

Blockchain And NFTs. Picture Courtesy: Forbes

Blockchain and NFTs are growing in significance in the gaming industry.  Cryptographic tokens, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), are similar to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether. NFTs, however, have two unique properties. They are the same. NFTs are perfect for tokenizing any digital asset due to their features. People use NFTs to tokenize things like art, music, real estate, etc. Blockchain provides immutability thanks to its consensus algorithms, which are computer programs. Nobody can tamper with the ownership information of these assets because of the decentralized security and immutability that blockchain offers. NFTs may be used to tokenize video game characters because of this. In card games, you may use them to tokenize trade cards. In November 2017, the first NFT game based on blockchain technology, called CryptoKitties, was released. Since then, a lot of NFT games have gained enormous popularity.

A large number of the well-liked Metaverse games are NFT games. Examples include Farmers World, Axie Infinity, Sandbox, Chain of Alliance, and My Neighbor Alice. The blockchain and NFTs make it feasible for the "play-to-earn" gaming trend to take off. Blockchain-NFT game sales are expanding quickly. According to reports, there were 29,563 crypto wallets associated with gaming at the start of 2021, but there were 754,000 by the third quarter. According to these figures, blockchain gaming brought in $2.3 billion during the third quarter of 2021. They identify Axie Infinity as the market leader.

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