New Call of Duty game coming later this year. Photo via Activision. 

New Call of Duty game coming later this year

Newsroom Feb 10, 2023

New Call of Duty game coming later this year.

A report proposes another Call of Duty game will be turning out in 2023 all things considered, clashing with past reports and bits of gossip that the current year's COD title would be paid DLC for Modern Warfare 2. The report, by Insider Gaming's Tom Henderson, claims that 2023 was initially expected to offer enormous scope DLC for MW2 yet the “project changed direction to become a full premium standalone release planned for 2023.”.

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Last year, Bloomberg reported that 2023's CoD title had been postponed into 2024 and that improvement had started on a DLC for MW2 that would highlight remastered guides and some kind of single-player content. Presently, Henderson's sources guarantee that 2023's CoD will be closely associated with the Modern Warfare series yet created by Sledgehammer  Games, the creators of Call of Duty: Vanguard.

“If recent Call of Duty titles are to go by though, expect a lot of remastered maps for multiplayer,” Henderson said. “The games associated with the Modern Warfare series would suggest that the game could be called Modern Warfare 3, but Insider Gaming was unable to verify the game’s name at this time as it’s not yet decided.”

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Henderson additionally announced that the new CoD will highlight two beta ends of the week in October, crusade early access starting on Nov. 2, and full delivery date on all stages on Nov. 10. Activision's latest profit report distributed before this week guaranteed a "full yearly premium delivery" in the CoD establishment not long from now.

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Season two of the current CoD, MW2, begins next week on Feb. 15.

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