Netflix is going to keep on expanding their gaming endevours.

Credits to Unsplash. Netflix is going to keep on expanding their gaming endevours.

Netflix is still trying to Dominate the Gaming Market, but how?

Newsroom Sep 29, 2022

In this blog, we will get to know what are Netflix's plans to get into the gaming market successfully this time.

Netflix is to open its first ever gaming studios!
They now have a total of four gaming studios.
They will add over a 100 games by the end of 2022.

It seems that Netflix is not at all prepared to give up just yet on its quest to conquer the gaming market. Previously, when Netflix games came up on the news, it was found that Netflix has been incurring losses for its video games. Almost 99% of the Netflix users had not even played the games in the Games section. This was also quite controversial, for many people were of the opinion that Netflix is a movie streaming site, and should cater to that. Nobody opens Netflix with the urge to play games. In today's news blog, we will be getting into Netflix Games’ recent endeavours.

What is Netflix Coming up With?

Well, apparently after acquiring so many gaming companies and studios, Netflix feels that they can't rely on them for video games, and have decided to open up their very own game studio! That is right, Netflix is going to open up their very first internal studio to come up with more video game ideas, and better technology even. They feel that working inside the office will actually make people more creative, and they can even manage to come up with games that are going to be much more popular and fun to play rather than what has been released to date.

Netflix Games will be releasing tons of games this year.
Credits to India Today Gaming. Netflix Games will be releasing tons of games this year.

The studio is situated in Helsinki, and the head is Marko Lastikka. He is the same person who had also worked on a super popular game, Farmville 3. There is also a reason why Netflix is going to put its office in Helsinki. They have recently acquired two Helsinki gaming companies: Next Games and Boss Fight Entertainment. To be close to these acquired companies’ offices and headquarters, it was a smart move on the part of Netflix, to base their gaming studio near them.

Will the Netflix Games be Successful?

Netflix has been ardently trying since 2021 to get into the gaming market. However, it is a very strange and difficult shift for them. They are always associated with a movie streaming site, and offering in-app games is quite absurd to a lot of users. Yet, Netflix is extremely stubborn about its decision. Though the Stranger Things games are a bit popular because of the fanbase. However, the other games do not have that many players or are popular for nobody opens Netflix because they want to play games. Rather they want to relax and chill when they are opening Netflix.

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Apparently, Netflix has decided that they will be adding 100 games by the end of this year, and this has put a lot of pressure on all the gaming studies that they have acquired. A lot of users feel that this was true quite a bad decision on the part of Netflix.

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