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Netflix Games Has Come Up With Three More Titles!

Newsroom Mar 31, 2022
This is a true story, Shattered Remastered, and another game has recently been launched by Netflix
There is a strong rumor that Netflix might soon be opening its own Gaming Service
The games have already been released, and you can play them from your Android or even IOS device.
Credits to About Netflix. Now you can play games in Netflix too!

It has been quite some time since Netflix introduced games. However, now Netflix has come up with three more new titles. This is going to be quite an interesting change to Netflix’s platform. It was an OTT site that specialized in TV shows and movies, and now it is introducing games! When fans got word of this, they completely lost their minds. As it started to gain popularity, Netflix has finally come up with a game list that has three new titles for iPhone and Android users.

What are the three New Titles for iPhone and Android Users?

Without further ado, let us get into all the new titles that Netflix will be releasing soon:

  1. This is a true story: In this role-playing game, you deal with a sub-Saharan African woman who goes out daily to bring water for her family. However, on the way, she faces a lot of trouble and has to go through it. Apparently, this game has been quite well researched and is based on real-life interviews and experiences in the same region. What will make the game more popular among the people are the beautiful hand-painted landscape and all the small cute aesthetic things in the game that will make it look all the more wholesome, even though there are parts that are not so good. Yet, This is a True Story, and as in real life, you get to experience all the good and the bad together.
Credits to Engadget. This is a True Story.

2. Shatter Remastered: If you remember, there was a brick-breaking game back when we were kids, or well, to be precise, back in 2010. Yes, so Netflix has managed to bring that game back, but with some new twists, so it is not the same old game. If you have a Netflix subscription and want to relive your old days, we would recommend playing the game. For those who do not know what we are talking about, well, Shatter was a brick-breaking game. For each level, you had to destroy all the blocks, and finally, you got to fight the main boss. Well, with the Remastered, of course, there will be a lot of developments in the way the game will be played.

Credits to Steam. Shatter Remastered.

3. Into the Dead 2: Gamers will remember this game. Into the Dead was released back in 2012. It was a time when the zombie and apocalypse eras were quite popular, and hence the game seemed to be quite popular too. Though it had quite a short time of fame, the game still manages to make people nostalgic. Well, Netflix has decided to bring the sequel to the game, and fans are more than overwhelmed. Apparently, everything in the game will be kept the same, except perhaps the levels will get a bit more difficult, and there will be some new additions as well. To find out, we have to wait for more information from Netflix.

Credits to Google Play. Into the Dead 2.

When will these Netflix Games be Released?

Now you might be waiting for these games to be released. Well, let us give you some good news. The games have already been released! You can head over to Netflix Games right now and find all these previously mentioned games there, and even more! The most amazing part is that you can play all these games, even if you have an Android or iOS device. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Netflix and check them out!

Credits to What’s on Netflix. There are tons of other games as well that you can play.

So, will Netflix Launch a Gaming Service as well?

This is a million-dollar question, and well, if you ask us, we do not know yet. However, there is a strong rumor that Netflix is looking forward to the gaming industry next. It has been found that within the past few months, Netflix has managed to acquire three gaming studios, namely: Night School Studio, Next Games, and Boss Fight Entertainment. Hence, it will be quite interesting to find out what Netflix ultimately comes up with from all these studios and releases such interactive games.

Credits to Republic World. There is a high chance that now Netflix might turn into a gaming service as well.

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