Credits to Times of India. National Esports Championships is being organised by EFI.

National Esports Championships 2022 Has Already Started!

Newsroom Apr 21, 2022
The National Esports Championship has already started on the 18th of April.
There are four Esports titles including DOTA 2, Hearthstone, etc.
The winners will be qualified for the Asian Games 2022!

We have some good news for gamers all over the country! The National Esports Championship 2022 has already started, and you might be quite excited to witness it. However, some of you might wonder what happened all of a sudden. This is due to the fact that the Asian Games 2022 introduced Esports titles this year, and all Asian countries are attempting to send their best Esports players to the tournament. In today’s blog, we will be covering all the important details about the National Esports Championships 2022!

Credits to Times of India. The Asian Games 2022 will be held in Hangzhou.

When is the National Esports Championship 2022 starting?

If you are not aware, the NEC has already started on April 18, 2022. It has been just two days since the championship started, and gamers are already more than excited about the whole event. For these two days, the event has gotten millions of viewers, and we hope that there will be more on the last two days of the championship. Only a few of the players will be selected to represent India at the Asian Games in 2022. This could be easily one of the biggest Esports tournaments that India will be participating in. Hence, it is no wonder that all the gamers across the country are getting so hyped up about it!

Credits to AFK Gaming. This is the schedule of the whole event. 

The Championship will end on April 24, 2022. It is quite close to the end, and we are all awaiting to see who is going to the Asian Games 2022 to represent India in the Esports world. However, the event is being conducted online, as COVID cases seem to be on the rise again. Though many were expecting that they would only get to see the last day of an event, the officials have announced that the whole event, even the last day, will be streamed online for the interested audience.

What games will be played at the NEC?

Another main question that you might have is which games are being included in the Championship. Well, first off, all the games that will be played in the Asian Games are included in the lineups. Therefore, you will get to see DOTA 2, FIFA 22, Street Fighter V, and League of Legends. All of these games are quite popular in the South Asian region, and even in India. Many gamers have participated in the Championship. So many, that they had to form quite a number of groups and then begin the tournament. This in itself was a huge proof that Esports in India is now much larger than anyone could have thought of. This means that the Indian gaming business is slowly going to evolve and catch up with the rest of the world.

Credits to FIFA 22 is also one of the titles in the Asian Games and NEC as well.

Who are the participants of the National Esports Championship 2022?

Finally, we will be getting into who will be there at the NEC in 2022. Some of the well-known names competing for the Esports titles in DOTA 2 and League of Legends include gamers like Jeet Rajesh Kundra, Moin Ejaz, and Samarth Trivedi. So far, four teams have been formed, including some 13 players who are also competing against each other. Then there are titles like Hearthstone, FIFA 22, and Street Fighter V. Veterans like Tirth Mehta (Hearthstone), Siddh Chandarana and Lokmanyu (FIFA22) and Aditya Verma (SFV), respectively, will be there. FIFA22 has the largest number of players, with around 60 players participating in the game.

Credits to India Today. Tirth Mehta is one of the pros in Hearthstone.

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