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Myths vs. Facts for Tournafest Organizers

Community Jun 4, 2022

In today’s blog, we will be getting into all the myths and sorting out all the doubts you might have as an Esports organiser at Tournafest. We will be making sure that we get into all the important details, and try to show how much easier and more efficient it is to use Tournafest than any other Esports platforms that claims to help the Esports organisers. Our platform makes sure that you have the best time working with us, and will come back again and again to host all your events and tournaments. We make sure that our clients have maximum satisfaction all the time.

Bursting out the myths about Tournafest

Now without wasting much time, let us get into clarifying all the myths about Tournafest, that you should know if you are an esports organizer:

Myth1: Only few people can be Organisers in Tournafest.

This is a huge myth that needs to be clarified immediately. Anyone and everyone can easily register as Tournafest Esports organizers. All you need to do is to give in your Gaming Organisation's name and club’s name and you will be all done! It is as easy as it sounds, and we know that once you get into the app, you will not be able to leave Tournafest that easily!

Myth 2: Tournafest has a registration fee.

Well, registering yourself for Tournafest is completely free! This means that working as an organiser in Tournafest requires no investment. You just register yourself and start hosting the events as you wish. There should be no extra unseen charges or fees that go to us when you are using the platforms. Hence, you need not be afraid that there will ever be any money asked from you by us. However, if someone does ask for any type of charge that has not been mentioned by us, it could be a scam, and we would recommend you tell us about it without doing anything else first.

Myth 3: You will have to find a platform for promoting your events and tournaments.

You do not need to do anything once you have already announced your events or tournaments on the app. That is, once you create the tournament registration process. All you have to do is just sit back and relax. We will be showing it to the Esports players on our app, and the interested ones will automatically register themselves. After some time, you will find that you have gotten enough registrations, and then you can start off with your tournament, without having to take on any extra headaches.

Myth 4: Tournafest charges extra money to promote your tournaments on the app.

Another blatant myth. We do not charge any additional fees for promoting your tournament more aggressively than others. However, there is a way where you could actually make sure that your tournament would be shown as a priority more than the others. Yet it is not by giving us money. It is based on the level you are on. For example, you are on level 10, and another organizer is on level 5. Both of you have announced a tournament for BGMI. As you have a higher level, and more credibility, you will be given more priority over the other organizers. Now you might be wondering how to increase the levels. Once you complete certain steps in the apps, you get awarded with levels. This is kind of a trusted review from us so that the players know which organizers are authentic.

Myth 5: You have to live broadcast the tournament on your own on various platforms.

This is another myth that we need to burst. As mentioned before, if you are hosting through Tournafest, you need not do anything except just make the announcement that you are going to organize an event. We will take it from there. The tournament or the whole event will be live broadcast on our Youtube channel, with adequate promotion. This means that you will have control over how the tournament will proceed and we will also mention your club’s name as you will be the organizer. Hence, we are just helping you out in the process.

Myth 6: You no longer have any creative control over the tournaments.

Another big fat myth is that you do not get to control anything as we have taken control over the process. That is not true. We make sure that all the tournaments that you are organizing are hosted in the manner that you want them to be. All the specifications and how you would like the live stream to play out are done according to your taste and creative control.

Myth 7: If you cannot afford to give out prize pools, then you will not be able to host tournaments.

This is another huge myth. In fact, if you cannot give prize pools to the players, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. We would provide the prize pools and awards from our side without any problem. Hence, not having enough money at the moment is not an excuse to not organize an Esports tournament at Tournafest!

Myth 8: You have to do everything manually.

We will keep on telling you that you need not do anything once you have just announced the events. Everything will be done by our team. We will be taking care of the whole tournament, and also calculate all the points, and declare the results. You do not need to worry about all this.


Now that we debunked some of the myths, we hope that you will have the best time being an Esports organizer in Tournafest. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and register yourself as an Esports organizer at Tournafest right now!

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