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MSI 2022: Group Stage Standings, Scoring, And Results!

Newsroom May 12, 2022
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The group stage of the Mid-Season Invitational, the first international League of Legends tournament of 2022, began on May 10.

MSI 2022 will feature 11 teams from North America, Europe, China, South Korea, Japan, Oceania, Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Latin America, Brazil, and Turkey, bringing the top teams from around the world to the Bexco Exhibition Hall in Busan, South Korea—considered by many to be the home of esports.

Teams will engage in a double round-robin structure in Groups A and B, and a quad round-robin format in Group C. After a week of best-of-one matches, the finalists from each group will advance to the next round of the competition.

The following are the group stage scores, standings, and results from MSI 2022

Group A


Position Team Wins Losses
1 T1 2 0
2 DetonatioN FocusMe 1 1
3 Saigon Buffalo 1 1
4 Team Aze 0 2


T1 1-0 Saigon Buffalo
Team Aze 0-1 DetonatioN FocusMe
DetonatioN FocusMe 0-1 Saigon Buffalo
Team Aze 0-1 T1

Group B


Position Team Wins Losses
1 Royal Never Give Up 2 0
2 RED Canids 1 1
3 Instanbul Wildcats 1 2
4 PSG Talon 1 2


Istanbul Wildcats 0-1 Royal Never Give Up
RED Canids 1-0 PSG Talon
Istanbul Wildcats 1-0 RED Canids
Royal Never Give Up 1-0 PSG Talon
PSG Talon 1-0 Istanbul Wildcats

Group C


Position Team Wins Losses
1 G2 Esports 4 0
2 Evil Geniuses 2 2
3 ORDER 0 4


ORDER 0-1 G2 Esports
Evil Geniuses 0-1 G2 Esports
G2 Esports 1-0 Evil Geniuses
Evil Geniuses 1-0 ORDER
ORDER 1-0 Evil Geniuses
G2 Esports 1-0 ORDER

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