Credits to League of Legends. Something grand is coming up in the League of Legends Esports world! 

Is MrBeast really hosting a League of Legends tournament?

Newsroom Jun 11, 2022
MrBeast has recently made a cryptic tweet regarding League of Legends, and a tournament.
There is a high chance that Ninja could also be collaborating in the event.
For the time being, there has been no announcement of dates and who will be participating, so make sure to keep an eye out!

We have some good news for the League of Legends community, and also for those who love MrBeast. Though we are not quite sure about most of the details of this exciting piece of news, So, we got to hear that MrBeast has been sending out some cryptic tweets recently, and everyone is quite curious regarding what it is, and how much of it is true. In today’s news blog, we will be getting into all the details about if MrBeast is going to host a League of Legends tournament or not?

What is the Cryptic Tweet by MrBeast?

Before we get into any of the details about what he is talking about, for those who have no clue what is happening all of a sudden, well, MrBeast has recently tweeted out teasing about hosting a League of Legends tournament. This is quite a huge announcement, and taking note of the tweet, there is a high chance that he might be working on a League of Legends tournament. To be quite honest, this came quite suddenly, and though MrBeast is known for coming up with the most random of surprises, it was least expected that he would try to host a League of Legends tournament. Nonetheless, we are quite excited to get further details about all the tournaments and who will be participating in them.

More Details About the League of Legends Tournament

Credits to Spiel Times. Ninja might also be part of the plan.

In the tweet thread, Mrbeast had also mentioned that Ninja had said that he sucked. Well, of course, that was a good-humoured joke. However, the fact that Ninja was mentioned in the tweet makes all the fans speculate that perhaps both of them are coming together for this venture. This would be quite a massive feast and would make more sense. Ninja is already a person established in the Esports world and will have more expertise in understanding what is required for the tournament and the background workings of it. On the other hand, MrBeast might be arranging everything and would try to make it into something unique through the eyes of a content creator.

Credits to Variety. Mrbeast will soon be hosting a League of Legends tournament. 

However, to date, we have only had this much information regarding the whole business. Neither did MrBeast nor Ninja revealed much about what is going on, or how they are going about this whole tournament thing. All we can do right now is just keep waiting for some kind of official announcement from both sides. This was quite a good time to launch a League of Legends tournament as the World Championship will soon be held. We have a strong feeling that they will not keep the tournament before the Championship, but rather later. In the tweet, there were many Esports organisations like Cloud9, Fnatic, etc. who were more than excited to get on board with the whole tournament thing. Therefore, we feel that if they were to host a tournament, they would have to wait out till the Championships were over if they wanted some big names in their tournaments. However, it could also be a region-specific small tournament among a specific group, like MrBeast’s content. Then they could manage to put the tournament before the Championship.

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