Credits to Dot Esports. There is going to be a huge League of legends Tournament coming up!

MrBeast and Ninja are organising a League of Legends tournament!

Newsroom Jun 24, 2022
After a long wait of time, we have finally got some news about the League of Legends tournament that was to be hosted by MrBeast!
However, he is not only hosting it but also going against another popular content creator, Ninja!
There is a high chance that there could be also other content creators who will be a part of this tournament for the prize pool of $15k!

As you might have already heard or got a hint of, MrBeast has been trying to tease a League of Legends tournament for quite some time now. However, that happened weeks ago, and finally, it seems that both the content creators have come to a conclusion. In today’s news blog, we will be getting into all the details of the League of Legends tournament that will also feature MrBeast and Ninja, and possibly other content creators as well! The much-awaited announcement has already been made, and we all cannot wait for the big tournament to finally happen!

When will the League of Legends tournament happen?

Let us get into the first set of details as to when the much-awaited tournament will happen. As MrBeast and Ninja both of them announced on their Twitter handles, the event will occur on July 9th, 2022. This is going to be a LAN event, which means there will be an audience, and everyone will be facing each other in real life! This is going to be a massive tournament, with so many big content creators getting into a tournament with a huge audience watching them live in real life!

They have also announced that the tournament will be held in Las Vegas, which is an exclusive place, and they might be going to a small stadium for the tournament. Though the exact venue of the tournament has not yet been decided, all we know is that it is going to be in Las Vegas. They are also collaborating with the Crown Channel on setting up the whole tournament and organizing everything from the event to the devices for the match.

More Details about the Tournament

Apparently, MrBeast and Ninja are going to go against each other in this League of Legends Tournament, which will be on Summoners Rift, and they have decided on a prize pool of $150k for the winner! This is a massive prize pool, and there will be 3 matches overall to decide who is going to be the winner of the tournament. They had started this whole campaign by going over light bickering on Twitter, trying to claim who was the better League of Legends player. Now the fans realize that it was a part of the marketing campaign.

Even though a lot of people did get the hint that they were obviously trying to promote something massive, nobody could comprehend that the tournament would be held on such a large scale. There are still 8 slots left for the tournament, and we do not know yet who will be getting through in this one. There could be a high chance that they will be bringing some of the most popular content creators on board for the tournament, or they could also make up their own team. Nonetheless, it will be an amazing tournament to witness. We guess the tournament will also be broadcast live on the Crown Channel, MrBeast’s channel, and Ninja’s channel.

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