Mousepads used by esports players. Photo via Business Insider.

Mousepads used by esports players. Photo via Business Insider. 

Mousepads used by Esports players

Strategy Dec 12, 2022

What are the mousepads used by Esports players?

Mousepad is one area that many gamers choose to ignore but professional players put in a lot of time to pick one for them. The importance of a mousepad is often brushed away and for this very reason, gamers face difficulty getting absolute control over their mouse. A good mousepad with the correct size and the right friction can be the key to building your mechanics and if ignored, you might be adding hurdles on your way to improving. There are plenty of good options that are affordable and come with the added reliability of a professional player using it. In this article, we explore some of the best mousepads used by Esports players:

SteelSeries Qck HEAVY

The old guard. Photo via SteelSeries.

There are mousepads that emphasise speed, while there are others that attention to the control of the mouse. The Steelseries Qck Weighty sits bang in the centre of those two classifications, adjusting the facilitate that accompanies speed with the precision that accompanies control. I believe serious areas of strength for gamers play a lot of slow shooters like CSGO and Valorant. It most certainly causes the mousepad to feel more adaptable and steady no matter what the setting of the game you're playing. The thickness of the mousepad assists with solace during longer gaming meetings, and as I said, the harmony between speed and control brings the most reliable outcomes. In any case, you might have to think about other options assuming you generally play high-speed shooters that require quicker mouse development. Simultaneously, it doesn't have the halting force of more slow cushions, so in the event that you have a propensity for overshooting while gaming, you might need to reexamine this buy. In the event that you play on low responsiveness, this mousepad ought to be a fantasy for you since there's such a lot of room to move your mouse around on. You can clear it across the cushion and not need to stress again and again over lifting and once again changing your mouse to get the cursor across the screen.

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Zowie G-SR

A popular choice among FPS titles. Photo via Zowie.

There's a genuinely pleasant balance between speed and control here. In spite of the fact that assuming I needed to pick one side, we believe the Zowie G-SR inclines more in the direction of speed than control - marginally. It's most certainly quicker than a portion of the mousepads that we have attempted, however, the cost isn't too much and it handles high-speed FPS games pretty well. The mousepad's halting power is as yet wonderful in spite of its speed, so it's as yet a strong choice in the event that you will generally overshoot your objectives while gaming and need more control. With extraordinary equilibrium comes perfect, steady in-game execution, and that is the situation here with the Zowie G-SR. We ought to specify that there are games that really need you to involve quicker mousepads for the best outcomes, so there are circumstances where equilibrium isn't the very best choice. In any case, the most steady choice for somebody who plays a wide assortment of games and would have no desire to switch mousepads constantly.

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Logitech G640

A popular choice among new gamers. Photo via Logitech.

With regards to performance, a mousepad will be categorized as one of three classifications - control, speed, or equilibrium. The Logitech G640 centres around control, which makes sense as to why a well-known decision for genius gamers invest more energy in shooters like Valorant and CSGO. More control on your mousepad is perfect for accuracy and exactness while pointing, so on the off chance that you're into those kinds of games more than anything, the G640 is a strong choice. In the event that you're focusing on speed, you might need to check different mousepads out. In-game execution is okay. There's not a lot to say regarding it, which is most likely something to be thankful for in light of the fact that it likewise implies there isn't actually anything amiss with it.


The newest player on the block. Photo via Vaxee.

Vaxee was founded by the same people who founded Zowie. It’s really really smooth. Very similar to my gsr-se. maybe a tad faster, but this is only a week old and my gsr-se is months old. Same speed range. Looks really really nice. The graphics and colours really pop. The sponge has some give if you like to press down for control, but not too much. About average for my mousepads. Lays flat right away and shipping from vaxee was quick. The surface is super soft and plush to the touch. Another pad this compares to in terms of feel is the tiger esports neon pad. But this one is a little bit faster than the neon as the neon feels more like a regular GSR to me in terms of speed. While the vaxee is more like the see.

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