Photo via Activision.

Photo via Activision. 

Most valuable Gaming Companies of 2022

Community Nov 16, 2022

Which are the most valuable gaming companies of 2022?

Video game companies are some of the most profitable and valuable organizations in the world, with staggering revenue and profits. These companies bring us happiness and joy to thousands through their games and have grown into companies that millions desire to be a part of.

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With an industry worth over a stagger of $130 Billion, it is only fair for these organisations to turn into conglomerates.  They work with innovative technologies and appoint the best possible ones who are bridging the gap between simulation and reality. As more and more games get released we are witnessing incredible improvements in all areas of video games and slowly it has become hard to tell games and reality apart.

1Sony$24.9 billion
2Microsoft$16.3 billion
3Nintendo$15.3 billion
4Tencent$13.9 billion
5Activision Blizzard$8.8 billion
6EA: Electronic Arts$5.6 billion
7Epic Games$5.1 billion
8Take-Two Interactive$3.4 billion
9Ubisoft$2.5 billion
10Bandai Namco$2.0 billion

We have put together a list of some of the most valuable gaming companies in the world for the year 2022:


Sony is the most valuable gaming company in the world. Photo via Sony. 

The PlayStation 5 was released in 2020 and turned into the world's most famous cutting-edge console and by far the most anticipated Sony release. Be that as it may, Sony likewise creates several PS5 games as a way to earn recurring profit for their console.  Sony's no.1 position in the gaming market is solidified by several other services like PS Plus helped solidify it. Notwithstanding, Sony's principal industry is gadgets. Not simply television furniture or home furnishings, Sony has set up a good foundation for itself in the gaming business. Furthermore, starting here on, Sony stays the greatest computer game organization on the planet in 2022. The Japanese tech monster presently makes a large portion of its gaming income, which added up to $24.9 billion last year.

Microsoft Studios

Microsoft studios are the second most valuable company in the world. Photo via Microsoft Studios.

In 2022, Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion, thus becoming the most valuable acquisition in the history of this industry.

Microsoft made around $16.3 billion from  Xbox Game Studios alone, their standalone gaming division. The gaming income was principally generated from Microsoft's rival for the PlayStation, i.e.  Xbox Series X/S  but they further create computer games aimed towards serving the owners of the console. A popular example of this would be Mojang. The Swedish computer game studio, which is owned by Microsoft, is widely recognized for creating Minecraft.

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Microsoft is one of the most valuable companies in the world known for its software, primarily Windows. The software as well as gaming has made Microsoft famous in numerous different sectors. The organization has its own class in the gaming scene. One could that the world's greatest programming at any point organization is likewise second on the rundown of top Gaming Enterprises Organizations on the planet.


Nintendo is the 3rd most valuable gaming company in the world. Photo via Nintendo.

One of Nintendo's top-rated games is Pokémon Legends Arceus, a game that created $15.3 billion the last year 2021 alone. Likewise, different games from the gaming organization Cuphead, Minecraft, and Super Mario have opened up ways for the company to generate recurring profits from the game.  

Nintendo is a notable name in the gaming scene. It is a Japanese gaming organization that is second to none in terms of popularity. They themselves are makers of one of the most popular gaming consoles.  In any case, in spite of staying in the third spot in the rankings, last year ended up finding success for the Japanese computer game organization Nintendo with a revenue of $15.3 Billion.


Tencent is the 4th most valuable gaming company in the world. Photo via Tencent. 

Tencent needs no introduction, the massively popular game PUBG is one that everybody is obsessed with. PUBG turned into the most noteworthy selling game for the organization in 2022 also. PUBG deals have a significant impact on Tencent's most noteworthy pay. Their gaming income alone is $13.9 billion.

Tencent is a Chinese worldwide organisation. Nonetheless, Chinese web aggregate Tencent is likewise associated with the computer game business with a noteworthy gaming income of $13.9 billion. Tencent principally centres around the web and mobile games, for example, the organization's versatile lead games PUBG Mobile.

Activision Blizzard

Activision is the 5th most valuable company in the world. Photo via Blizzard. 

The California-based computer game studio generally depends on its by a wide margin most memorable game series Call of Duty. The organization's most-sold game in the years 2021 and 22 likewise was a Call of Duty game.

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Overall, they are the producers of some of the most popular AAA titles that graced the gaming industry and having an esports and online gaming scene, made sure they have enough of a recurring income to last for days. As far as income, Activision Blizzard created $8.8 billion.

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