Microsoft to give off COD to Sony for the time being.

Credits to Unspalsh. Microsoft to give off COD to Sony for the time being. 

Microsoft lets Sony have Call of Duty after a $6.87 million deal?

Newsroom Sep 5, 2022

In this blog, we will be looking at why Microsoft is letting Sony have Call of Duty for two more years.

Microsoft will soon be acquiring Activision for $6.87 millions!
This means that Sony and Microsoft will go head-to-head for the popular game, Call of Duty.
Yet, Sony will still continue with the present contract.

It seems that the gaming world is going to see some higher levels of politics and even some major changes in the community. As the companies keep getting bigger, and some popular game companies keep falling down, it seems that there is going to be a gang war brewing up very soon. If you were aware of the Microsoft- Activision deal which had been rumoured to be taking place earlier this year, well, there are high chances that it is going to be finalized pretty soon. In this blog, we will get to know what Microsoft is going to do with Call of Duty, and why are they letting Sony have it still.

What is the Microsoft Activision Deal?

The Microsoft Activision deal will be made for $6.87 millions!
Credits to The Verge. The Microsoft Activision deal will be made for $6.87 millions!

For those who do not know exactly what is going on, or could not remember it let us help you with your memory. At the very beginning of the year, there had been talks of how Microsoft would be acquiring Activision pretty soon, as the company was going through troubles of its own. Soon after this was declared, gaming companies all over the world started to calculate their profits and losses from Activision’s games, especially Call of Duty. COD is available on PlayStation, which means that partial rights to the game are sold to Sony too. If Microsoft did end up acquiring Activision, then there was a 100% guarantee that they would lose the game. For Sony, COD was quite a profitable game, and losing it to the Xbox consoles meant a significant amount of loss for them. Meanwhile, their deal was set at $68.7 billion, and people are still convinced that Microsoft will do anything to get this deal.

What did Microsoft say about COD and Sony?

Recently, Sony got a letter from the CEO of Microsoft, and it left the gaming community quite shocked, for such an act from Microsoft was honestly not expected. They had mentioned that Sony will be able to keep the game with them, even after their deal gets terminated with Activision. This means that the deal between Sony and Activision will still be intact, even if Microsoft ends up acquiring the company. Not only this, they are prepared to even give them extra time for it!

Credits to Call of Duty. COD will be staying in PS for some time now. 

This was most definitely a relief to all the COD PlayStation players. Not only this, but over the weekend, Microsoft also announced that the longest Sony can have COD will be 2 years. This means after 2023, Sony will have to get into a deal with Microsoft or will have to let COD go. This will be quite an interesting turn of events, and we are honestly waiting to see what is going to happen next.

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Many fans do support Microsoft for their actions, and others feel that it was a bad move on their part. COD has been on PlayStation for ages, and suddenly changing the interface might either mean a drop in quality, or it could even mean better. All of this can only be understood when the deal gets finalised and the game comes over to Xbox too.

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