Credits to The Indian Express. Amazon Luna is Amazon's very own cloud gaming service.

Massive Deal on Amazon Luna Controller and More!

Newsroom Jul 9, 2022

As you may know, Amazon has been developing their own cloud gaming service, following in the footsteps of Xbox and Google Stadia. In today’s blog, we will be getting into the Amazon Luna controller, and if you should get it or not. A lot of people are quite sceptical about the whole cloud gaming service from Amazon, and the other half are quite enthusiastic about the whole new cloud gaming service. Also, there could be a good discount on the products that come with the cloud gaming service.

What is Amazon Luna?

If you are not aware, Amazon has its own cloud gaming services now! This means that you can get some of the best games from Amazon itself! They have named the service Luna, much like how Google has named their own cloud gaming service, Stadia.

Do we need to use the Amazon Luna Controller to access the service?

When Amazon launched its cloud gaming services, they released their own controller. This has made people question if they have to use the controller to have access to the games in the cloud. However, if we go by the definition of what a cloud gaming service is, the games should be open for all devices, and we do need a controller to access all the games in the cloud. However, if you do want to have a controller and use it for the games that require a console, the Amazon Luna is coming in a great deal!

What Is the Deal with Amazon Luna and its Controller?

Credits to Den of Geek. Amazon Luna's controller.

For the Prime Day deal, Amazon has managed to bring on some of the best deals around for various of their products. One such Amazon deal that they have introduced is a 30% discount on the Amazon Luna controller, which you can get at quite a steal! Henceforth, if you were wondering if you should be getting a controller or not, do not worry. This is the best time to get yourself the cloud gaming service, and also the controller! This will ensure that you have a better gaming experience than anyone else.

More Details on the Amazon Luna Controller

If you are really interested in the Amazon Luna Controller, then we would recommend that you check out some of the specifications of the controller. The design of the controller is quite similar to that of Google Stadia. It has in-built wifi and will connect automatically if you are using Luna. However, as you have to connect it to your computer, phone, or even the Fire Stick, the latency drops a bit. If you are not using it for Luna, you can use it for your other games on PC or phone, but you have to use USB or Bluetooth to connect the controller. However, there is not much lag when you are using the controller because there is not much latency anyway. It is quite safe to say that, after all the popular controllers, Amazon Luna could be considered as one of the best to go for under a budget.

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