Credits to Firstpost. PlayStation's Spider-Man will be getting remastered and release this year!

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered Announced for PC!

Newsroom Jun 3, 2022
Playstation's two Spider-Man are getting Remastered, and no one can keep their calm!
One of the games is to release this year, towards the end. Another game, we are not sure about the time.
It is said that the remastering of the games is a market strategy from Marvel's side as another Spider-Man movie will be released on 2023.

We have some huge news for all the Spiderman fans and, of course, the PlayStation fans too. This has been long-teased, but finally, we have some concrete news about the fact that Marvel’s Spider-Man is indeed getting remastered and will be introduced to the PC. This is going to be huge for all the PC gamers, who could not get the game only because they did not have a PlayStation. The game is one of the major reasons why people usually go for PlayStations. However, now that the game will be available for PCs too, it will be interesting to see what happens next.

Which Games are going to be Remastered?

This has to be one of the most important questions right now. Which games from Marvel’s Spider-Man will be remastered? As you might know, there are tons of Spiderman games that are available on the PlayStation and everywhere. However, not all the games will be remastered in the new edition. One of the main games, Spider-Man, will be remastered with three new chapters included! This means that you will not get bored by playing the same old game. There will be new features and additional plots too. This was indeed something to feel joyful about!

Not only is this Spider-Man, Miles Morales will also be remastered at the same time. Hence, fans have gone crazy over the whole remastering plan and cannot wait for when all the games will be released for PC users. Insomniac Games is doing some great work, and we hope that they will be able to stand up to the audience’s expectations for the games.

When will the Spider-Man remastered version be released?

That brings us to the next question: when is the remastered version going to be released? Well, it will be coming out on August 12. However, this is only for one game. We are not yet quite sure about when the Miles Morales game will be out. However, we do feel that the game will be released in August, or perhaps a bit later. We are quite sure that Spider-Man Remastered will be released before the second game. Hence, we would ask you to get ready and log in to Epic Games already. The games will be released there for your convenience, and you will not have to download them from Sony anymore.

Why are the games being remastered?

Credits to The Verge. Spider-Man will be getting a lot of changes in the PC version.

Some of you might be quite curious as to why, all of a sudden, the games are getting remastered. Well, the basic reason is that PlayStation is now focusing more on first-person games than these games. Also, Marvel’s Spider-Man sequel movie will be coming out in 2023, hence this could also serve as a marketing tactic. There could be easter eggs in the games, which will in turn make them all the more fun and interesting. The remastered versions are going to get better technically and also from the creative side without any doubt.

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