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Maps available in Free Fire MAX

Community Jul 22, 2022

Here are the maps of Free Fire MAX where you can land and play. You can choose your favorite map out of any three maps from Free Fire MAX.


  • In every battle royale game, Maps are important for all the players. Maps are the main location where everything happens in the game.
  • In Free Fire, there are different modes like Rank Game, Clash Squad Rank, Clash Squad Kalahari, Clash Squad Bermuda, and Classy Purgatory. Also, there are different maps available in the game to get Booyah.

Garena Online battle royale game Free Fire boasts millions of players from all around the world. A total of 49 participants may compete in a singles match for the title of Booyah champion. In Free Fire, each game lasts for ten minutes. For example, in Free Fire, players may choose from various game types such as Classy Purgatory and Rank Game, as well as variants such as Clash Squad Rank, Clash Squad Kalahari, and Clash Squad Bermuda. Booyah may be found on a variety of maps throughout the game. Everyone in a battle royale game relies on maps to some extent. Maps are the primary place in the game where all the action occurs. However, there are three distinct maps to choose from in Free Fire.

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Garena Free Fire is one of the world's most popular mobile games. From our perspective, Garena is constantly striving to provide its players with the most enjoyable gaming experience. Garena just published an upgraded version of Free Fire called Free Fire Max, an improved version of the original game. There have been a lot of adjustments to vehicles in Garena Free Fire's new Map, Bermuda Max.

Now and then, Garena comes up with a new idea. The recent release of Free Fire Max has sparked a lot of excitement within the gaming community. They're ecstatic following their first taste of the action. An improved version of the original game, Free Fire, has been released as Free Fire Max. They've made some big announcements about the map. Bermuda Max was added to the game by Garena as a new map. "The new map - Bermuda MAX is now here in Free Fire MAX!" they said in a social media post. Further information has been added to several of the most well-known places. "Enjoy the HD new map's intense combat! "

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According to Garena, an updated map with revised areas has been created for this map. Battles will be more exciting, and gamers will be able to experience the HD map. ' There has been a major shift in the game regarding vehicles. In addition to the improved visuals, the car's audio has also been improved. You can see the vehicle's trail when you bring the automobile to a halt. Features like these will enhance the realism of the game. There are already 10 million downloads on Android because of this.

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Most drop locations on the Burmuda map

Cape Town

Cape Town may be found on the Map of Bermuda to the left. Almost no one ever comes here. However, there is a decent amount of stuff to be grabbed here. Buildings in the city of Cape Town are also excellent places to hide or launch an assault from behind cover. In this location, you will have the upper hand if the first circle is constructed.


An extensive part of the Bermuda map may be seen here, called the "Hangar." Located on the west side of the map, here is where players exit the game. The hangar also has excellent loot. You may also steal and flee in this open region, or you can remain and push the ranks by robbing and running.


The graveyard is somewhat obscure on the Bermuda map, although it contains some beautiful treasures. It isn't enough for a four-person team, but you may visit this section as a single or pair player. Because it's out to the side, there aren't many people that come here to land.

Image Courtesy: Free Fire MAX
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Once a player achieves level 5, they may access the Purgatory map. It is a less popular map than Bermuda since it is locked at the lower levels. A few months later, the map was re-introduced after Garena deleted it from the game when Kalahari was added. Purgatory's island comprises tourist attractions, including a house, a golf course, and a ski lodge. There's a residential area with places like the Lumber Mill, Marbleworks, Field, and Quarry, to name just a few.


The Kalahari map has just been added to Free Fire. This one is unique compared to the other two maps in the game. The desert map gives the game a new feel and the players like it. If you're a skilled sniper, this map is worth a try. The significant places on this map make it easy to navigate.

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