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Game Modes in Valorant

Strategy Jun 23, 2022

Valorant is basically a 5v5 first-person shooter game which has loads of intensity and tactical awareness attached to it. The gameplay is divided into two segments of teams - one attacks and the other plays defence. Individual players play in form of avatars and agents on the variance of maps, each differentiated with separate hurdles and tactical strategies.

Players can play in several modes, each designed to provide a different edge to the competitive spirit attached to the game. VALORANT has a variety of game modes, including Plant/Defuse and Deathmatch. Competitive, Unrated, Spike Rush, and Deathmatch are the permanent game modes. There are also a number of recurring game modes that alter with each patch update (like Snowball Fight).

Let's get to know them all individually.

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You can choose to participate as an Attacker or a Defender in this 5v5 game format. The attackers' goal is to either place the spike or get rid of every defender. Your job as a Defender is to prevent the Attackers from planting the spike (either by eliminating them or preventing them from planting before the time expires per round). The Defenders must neutralize the spike if the Attackers have already positioned it.


This is comparable to unranked matches where you compete against other players, but this time, a win-based ranked system is used, and after five games, you receive a rank (from Iron to Radiant). The team with the two-round advantage is deemed the winner after overtime when the score is 12-12 in favor of both teams. New players must reach account level 20 before they may enter the Competitive queue in order to participate in competitive games.

Spike Rush

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All players on the offensive side of this enjoyable 5v5 best-of-seven mode carry five spikes. However, each round only allows the activation of one spike. With the exception of their ultimate, each player begins the game with all of their abilities fully charged. The match is won by the first team to win all four rounds. Power-up orbs appear at random throughout the map.


All members of one team play the same agent in replication, a 5v5 best-of-nine match. Before the contest starts, voting determines the agent. It's a fight between five Vipers and five Killjoys.


In this mode, two teams battle it out over 25 rounds (12 rounds on Attack or Defense then switch to the other side for the next 12). The winner is the first person to complete 13 rounds. When the score is 12-12, a Sudden Death round is played to determine the winner.


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This kind of game style lets you take out your opponents either through teamwork or a free-for-all. Players have an endless number of lives and can randomly revive after a brief period.

Deathmatch (Free-for-all)

In this mode, 14 players compete in a traditional free-for-all match where they can use whatever weapon they like. Players can improve their gunplay mechanics, train their aim, and discover new maps and abilities in this mode. The match is won by the player with the most kills after nine minutes or the person who reaches 40 kills first.

Escalation (Team Deathmatch)

Escalation is a 5v5 team deathmatch in which the winner is the first team to successfully complete Level 12 or to have a higher level than the opposing team before the 10-minute timer expires. The squad will move levels by defeating foes, and each level will include people with a certain weapon or skill.

Snowball Fight

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The goal of this 5v5 team deathmatch is to obtain 50 kills with a Snowball Launcher first in order to win the game. The snowballs fired by this weapon are lethal projectiles.

In addition, there is a Practice Mode that lets players use the Range. They can experiment with various weapons, hone their shooting techniques, and obtain a general understanding of how VALORANT operates.

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