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Lionsgate Play announced India's first sitcom based on Esports

Newsroom Apr 2, 2022
Gamer Log is the first Indian sitcom based on Esports.
The director of the sitcom is Abhinay Deo and Neeta Shah.
The sitcom will be available to stream in Lionsgate Play.

Indian gamers, get ready to witness the first sitcom based on Esports! This is going to be quite an interesting and unique project. There has never been much content or representation of Indian gamers or their lives in the Indian media. Therefore, it can be considered quite revolutionary as Lionsgate Play has finally decided to show its appreciation for Indian gamers. In this article, we will be getting into all the details regarding this new sitcom based on Esports. Though they have just recently announced the show, there have been very few details regarding when it will be released and who might be in the cast.

When will the sitcom be released by Lionsgate Play?

Now, this is the most important question that fans were asking. When will the sitcom be released? Unfortunately, we do not have a time yet regarding when the sitcom might be released. On March 30, Lionsgate officially announced that there was going to be a sitcom based on Indian Esports, and the name was going to be "Gamer Log". Fans were more than excited when they got the news. However, there has been little to no information about the show other than this.

However, we do know who is the director, and we are quite sure that you will be surprised to learn this too. We do not want you to feel dismayed, and hence we can tentatively confirm that the show will be released within a year or so at least.

Who is the Director of Gamer Log?

The director is known as none other than Abhinay Deo. Does the name seem familiar to you? Well, he is the director of the famous, unconventional 2011 "Delhi Belly." Therefore, we can only imagine how well the sitcom will be made, and it is sure going to have some of that raw feeling in the movies. Deo has always been someone who has shown up with raw emotions on screen and has never sugarcoated any of the issues in his movies or series. As a result, we can expect the sitcom to depict the true realities of the Indian Esports League and its behind-the-scenes.

Credits to Firstpost. Lionsgate Play is known for bringing in unconventional content to Indian media.

Who are the cast members of Gamer Log?

He will also be directing the sitcom along with Neeta Shah. Hence, it will be interesting to see how their combination works out on screen.

Well, we do not have exact information on who is going to be cast as the actors in the sitcom. We hope that we will get to know all about it soon enough. As much as we know, perhaps they have started with the casting process and everything. It will take quite some time before they can even start shooting. Also, if the pandemic hits once again, there is a good chance that the sitcom’s release date might be delayed again.

Credits to Taran Adarsh's Tweet. People behind Gamer Log.

Where to Stream Gamer Log?

Well, Gamer Log will be available on Lionsgate Play. The show is being produced by RDP Pulp Fiction Entertainment for Lionsgate Play. This means that the show will not be available on other streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Therefore, if you are interested in watching the sitcom, you can subscribe to Lionsgate Play as soon as possible.

Credits to Devdiscorse. A scene from Delhi Belly.

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