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A Library card will soon get you into the state’s first public Esports hub!

Newsroom Jul 18, 2022

It seems that the world is gradually trying to get into the ways of the Esports community and trying to be more inclusive about it. This is a huge status change where universities or any educational institution would be quite disapproving of such a connection with Esports. However, as it is now 2022, things are truly looking up. Universities and institutions are getting more open to the idea of being inclusive, and have seen Esports not just a waste of time, but rather, as a lifestyle, or a career for the youth.

Which state has introduced the policy?

Credits to TravelPulse. Hawaii has been getting involved in the Esports community.

Before we get into anything else, let us get into the main question. Which state has finally decided to introduce the policy? Well, it is none other than Hawaii that has decided to go along with this policy. This is quite a good introduction for the students to be included in and the Esports community to play such a huge role.

What is the policy?

Now let us get into the policy that has been introduced quite recently. The policy states that you can now if you have a library card, specifically the card at Waipahu Public Library. They have made a separate hub for the Esports players to practise and even spend their time there. This is going to be in a different building or complex right beside the library so that the people studying in the library will not get distracted.

Credits to Facebook. Waipahu Public Library, Hawaii.

The students can just register themselves at the library, get the card, and then easily access the Esports hub. This is all there is for the new rules that the library and the universities came up with. This is quite a huge thing for a library to take the initiative for the Esports community.

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