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‘Legends’, India’s first NFT platform for esports to be launched by Loco

Newsroom Jun 29, 2022

Loco, a gaming and Esports platform, is set to introduce India’s first-ever platform to trade gaming NFTs, named ‘Legends’
Partnering with 50 Esports teams and gaming influencers, Loco Legends will provide a unique trading experience and will give huge space for creativity in virtual collectables.
The NFTs will have a set quantity and be exclusive to each owner. In India, Loco is the first company to create a sizable consumer platform that supports NFTs and web3.

Loco, a game streaming and Esports platform, has recently announced that they will introduce a whole new medium where gamers can trade and build NFTs specifically related to the gaming industry. This initiative is inspired by how in other sports, players buy and sell their self-build NFTs and showcase a sense of belonging to some historically re-updated event.

With the same thought and how the craze of NFTs has gained huge popularity in India and beyond, Loco has decided to provide a platform, named ‘Legends’, where Esports players and other gamers can trade NFTs, similar to the how it’s done in platforms like ‘blue ocean’.

This initiative is set to partner whit the 50 most popular Esports teams and will allow gamers to buy some very interesting virtual collectable assets.

Let’s uncover all the details available to us.

Loco’s vision

Loco said that its platform would enable users to own and exchange esports collectable items, encouraging them to amplify their fandom and feel the thrill of putting themselves in the shoes of esports scouts. Loco claimed that it is committed to democratising gaming entertainment in the nation.

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Loco has promised to promote the nation's game-fi sector, and Legends will pave the way for decentralization for game developers. Companies all around the world are utilizing NFTs to strengthen communities and monetize relationships between esports teams and their fans by leveraging the blockchain to authenticate unique digital objects. With 52 million users, Loco has the biggest and most active gaming communities in each of these subgenres. To date, the business has raised more than $51 million.

Exclusive partnerships with teams

The most well-known esports teams in India, including 8bit, s0ul, Godlike, Revenant, Blind, and XO, have exclusive partnerships with Loco Legends. According to Loco, these top Indian esports teams offer fans the most trustworthy NFT experience since they are the category leaders in well-known games like BGMI, FreeFire Max, and Valorant.

Loco NFT Esports cards

NFTs are finally coming to the Indian esports space, thanks to Loco Legends. Legends are powered by a proprietary data system that Loco developed. This system makes use of the data produced by the numerous competitions made possible by Loco, the main sponsor of esports competitions in the nation.

In order to ensure that its data platform has the best in the class data flow, Loco also claimed that it has signed exclusive collaborations with important esports tournament organisers such as Villager esports and Upthrust esports.

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NFT esports cards will be the first available resource in Loco Legends. This product mixes free-to-play esports fantasy gaming and NFTs. Users can buy NFT trading cards, enabling them to trade and buy cards with other users and take part in free-to-play fantasy tournaments. Loco is creating a distinctive fan experience where users can really get close to their favourites, forge real-world friendships, and improve their watching experience by collecting, owning, and exchanging these limited edition digital treasures.

The NFTs will have a set quantity and be exclusive to each owner. In India, Loco is the first company to create a sizable consumer platform that supports NFTs and web3.

Launch and other details

The beta version of the platform will be released to the general public in July 2022. The top 1,000 people who waitlist themselves on the site will have access to free NFTs worth roughly 500, or $6.39 each, as part of this launch.

Popular game genres offered by Loco include BGMI, Call of Duty Mobile, Valorant, GTA 5, and others. The platform offers entertainment to Indian gamers thanks to partnerships with industry heavyweights like Krafton, Activision, Ubisoft, Riot Games, Red Bull, NBA 2K League, and Logitech-G. Currently, Loco is accessible via the web, iOS, and Android.

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