Credits to Liquidepedia. MSI 2022 will be starting soon!

League of Legends Mid Season Invitational 2022 (MSI) Has Been Announced!

Newsroom Apr 16, 2022
The MSI 2022 has been announced by Riot Games and will start on May 10.
It will be held in South Korea for the first time!
LCL will not be able to participate this year.

There is amazing news for League of Legends players all over the world! The MSI, or the Mid Season Invitational 2022, is all set to be started. In the news blog, you will be getting all the details as to when the MSI is going to start, who is going to participate, and where you can watch the MSI. We hope you are as hyped as we are, as the MSI is being conducted after a long time on LAN, and we cannot wait to witness the epic fights between the best teams in the world.

When is the LOL MSI Starting?

The MSI is not quite that far if you think about it. It will start on May 10, 2022, and end on May 29, 2022. Technically, we will be getting a whole month of MSI content, and we are living for it. There is no doubt that Riot is trying to hype up the MSI like before. A whole month of Esports is all we can ask for. Additionally, we have also got hold of the MSI schedule, though there has not yet been much news about who is going to play against whom. Here is the schedule:

Credits to EsportsBet. MSI 2022 will be grander than before.
  • May10-15: During these 5 days, the Group Stage will be held. All the teams will be grouped into fours, and from there, only two teams from each group will be qualified.
  • May 18-22: This is the Rumble Stage. Here not only will the two teams from each group go against each other, but the remaining six teams will be playing a best-of-one double round-robin.
  • May 27-29: This is the Knockout Stage where teams will be eliminated, and everyone will be competing for the 022 MSI Champion title.

Where is MSI 2022 being held?

We have more shocking news for all the LOL fanatics out there. The MSI 2022 will be held in Busan, South Korea this time! This is the first time that MSI has been held in South Korea. Riot seemed quite excited about the new location, as they have never held many tournaments or leagues in South Korea before. There is no doubt that the country is exceptional in video games, yet they have always been a dominant country when it comes to League of Legends. Hence, it makes sense that the MSI 2022 will be held there.

Credits to TravelTraingle. Busan, South Korea.

Which teams will be participating in LOL MSI 2022?

Here is the list of regions and teams that will be coming over for the tournament:

LCK (South Korea) - T1

LEC (Europe) - G2 Esports

TCL (Turkey) - Istanbul WildCats

LJL (Japan) - Detonation FocusMe

LCO (Oceania) - Order

Credits to Internet Explorer ChannelNetwork. Team Order will be representing the LCO region.

LPL (China) - Yet to be decided

LCS (North America) - Yet to be decided

PCS (Pacific) - Yet to be decided

VCS (Vietnam) - Yet to be decided

LLA (Latin America) - Yet to be decided

CBLOL (Brazil) - Yet to be decided

Unfortunately, there will be no teams from the LCL region as the war between Ukraine and Russia is getting tenser.

Which Champions will be barred from participating in the game?

Every tournament usually excludes one or more champions if they were recently added to the game shortly before the tournaments were announced. For example, in 2021, Vex and Akshan were not allowed to be used in the game. Similarly, in 2022, we will not be getting to see any Zeri lineups in the game. However, there is a small chance that we might get to see Renata Glasc, though she joined the League quite recently.

Credits to League of Legends. Zeri will not be available for the Tournament.

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