LCK Spring Split 2023 Teams, Schedules and Standings are here. Photo via LoL.

LCK Spring Split 2023 Teams, Schedules and Standings are here. Photo via LoL.

LCK Spring Split 2023: Teams, Schedules, Standings

Newsroom Jan 11, 2023

LCK Spring Split 2023 Teams, Schedules and Standings are here:

Riot Games changed the format for the greater part of its events in League of Legends Esports, the LCK's timetable remaining parts basically something similar. Beginning with the LCK Spring Split 2023, the association will have new beginning times however the week-by-week plan stays unaltered. Match 2 on work days will move 30 minutes sooner from 8 pm KST to 7.30 pm KST. At the end of the week, Match 1 will be moved from 5 pm KST to 3 pm KST and Match 2 will be moved from 8 pm KST to 5.30 pm KST.

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Here is all you really want to be familiar with the LCK Spring Split 2023.

LCK Spring Split: Teams and standings

1⁠⁠BRION (BRO)0-0
2⁠⁠Dplus KIA (DK)0-0
4⁠⁠Gen.G (GEN)0-0
5⁠⁠Hanwha Life Esports (HLE)0-0
6⁠⁠KT Rolster (KT)0-0
7⁠⁠Kwangdong Freecs (KDF)0-0
8⁠⁠Liiv SANDBOX (LSB)0-0
9⁠⁠Nongshim RedForce (NS)0-0

LCK Spring Split Schedule

Week 1

DateMatchTime (CET)ScoreWinner
18th JanDK vs DRX9.00 amTBDTBD
T1 vs GEN11.30 amTBDTBD
19th JanKDF vs HLE9.00 amTBDTBD
NS vs BRO11.30 amTBDTBD
20th JanT1 vs KT9.00 amTBDTBD
LSB vs DK11.30 amTBDTBD
21st JanGEN vs DRX7.00 amTBDTBD
22nd JanLSB vs HLE7.00 amTBDTBD
NS vs KT9.30 amTBDTBD
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Week 2

DateMatchTime (CET)ScoreWinner
25th JanNS vs DK9.00 amTBDTBD
LSB vs KT11.30 amTBDTBD
26th JanGEN vs BRO9.00 amTBDTBD
T1 vs KDF11.30 amTBDTBD
27th JanNS vs DRX9.00 amTBDTBD
KT vs HLE11.30 amTBDTBD
28th JanT1 vs DK7.00 amTBDTBD
29th JanHLE vs GEN7.00 amTBDTBD

Week 3

DateMatchTime (CET)ScoreWinner
1st FebNS vs LSB9.00 amTBDTBD
GEN vs DK11.30 amTBDTBD
2nd FebBRO vs DRX9.00 amTBDTBD
T1 vs HLE11.30 amTBDTBD
3rd FebKDF vs KT9.00 amTBDTBD
LSB vs GEN11.30 amTBDTBD
4th FebHLE vs DRX7.00 amTBDTBD
T1 vs NS9.30 amTBDTBD
5th FebKT vs BRO7.00 amTBDTBD
KDF vs DK9.30 amTBDTBD
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Week 4

DateMatchTime (CET)ScoreWinner
8th FebLSB vs KDF9.00 amTBDTBD
T1 vs BRO11.30 amTBDTBD
9th FebKT vs DK9.00 amTBDTBD
NS vs GEN11.30 amTBDTBD
10th FebHLE vs BRO9.00 amTBDTBD
LSB vs DRX11.30 amTBDTBD
11th FebNS vs KDF7.00 amTBDTBD
KT vs GEN9.30 amTBDTBD
12th FebHLE vs DK7.00 amTBDTBD
T1 vs DRX9.30 amTBDTBD

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