Credits to GamingonPhone. BGMI is completing its one year in this month!

Krafton announced something important after one year of BGMI!

Newsroom Jul 4, 2022

BGMI is going to complete its one year this July, and fans are more than excited to know Krafton's view regarding the developments.

We have some extremely good news for all the BGMI players. With almost a year of the game launched and getting popular, one can hardly believe that a year has passed! Just a few days ago, Krafton announced something, and that will leave all the fans of BGMI extremely nostalgic. In fact, we were a bit nostalgic and happy too! No one could have believed that the game would be able to replace PUBG so soon and so easily. Hence, it would be quite better if we got into Krafton’s announcement and what they had to say.

What has Krafton announced?

This Friday, Krafton announced something regarding BGMI, which left people more than excited and happy. Basically, this is the year where BGMI is turning almost one year old. Not only that, Krafton announced that the game now has over 100 million users! This is something of a grand celebration as it is quite a rare thing to occur. Also, the fact that the game was supposed to be a replacement for PUBG in India, and had gathered all the Indian PUBG players into BGMI, is also quite remarkable. Hence, it could be safely said that BGMI is getting more successful with the days and months passing by.

Credits to AFKGaming. Krafton is quite pleased with the developments BGMI is making. 

The CEO of Krafton was also quite pleased with how things were progressing with BGMI, and how well the tournaments were getting popular. In fact, the developers and the company have also announced their motives for the game. They want to create a massive gaming ecosystem that will not only host good tournaments but also ensure that the in-game environment will be safe and fun for everyone. It would be quite fun to see what they are going to do further with the game, and how they are going to keep attracting more users, as they have already got so many now!

Growth of BGMI over the years

BGMI has grown up to be quite a popular game over the year, ever since its release. The game was launched on 2nd July 2021, and ever since then, many game developers have kept an eye on the game, to see how well it would be progressing. It was quite surprising to find out that BGMI did not take much time in taking place of PUBG. Even though at first, many were quite sceptical about the fact that BGMI will ever get as popular as PUBG, however, it did! Now it is standing at 100 million users just a year after, and this is something to be extremely proud of.

We hope that BGMI will keep getting better and better. In fact, Tournafest also hosts BGMI tournaments, and here are some highlights, if you are interested in it:

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