Kingfisher to sponsor NODWIN Gaming India Premiership 2023. Photo via NODWIN.

Kingfisher to sponsor NODWIN Gaming India Premiership 2023. Photo via NODWIN.

Kingfisher to sponsor NODWIN Gaming India Premiership 2023

Newsroom Dec 23, 2022

Kingfisher to sponsor NODWIN Gaming India Premiership 2023.

Prominent esports tournament organizer NODWIN Gaming has collaborated with Indian alcohol brand Kingfisher in the upcoming ESL India Premiership 2023. Preceding this coordinated effort, NODWIN Gaming facilitated five cycles of the India Prevalence esports association close by ESL The Kingfisher India Premiership, will run for a long time, beginning in January, and further isolated into three distinct seasons, beginning with the Winter Season post Fall Season.

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The tag of Kingfisher will be associated with the India Premiership 2023 which previously was under the ESL Banner after a NODWIN Gaming IP which is scheduled to take place in early January 2023. NODWIN Gaming has so far announced three titles - Tekken 7 (Console), World Cricket Championship 3 (Mobile), and Clash of Clans (Mobile), for the Winter Season. It is yet to announce the addition of a fourth title to the pool. The registrations for Tekken 7 and Clash of Clans (CoC) in the Winter Season have already started.

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The Kingfisher India Premiership 2023 will have 6 stages taking place between the 5th of January and the 13th of March and the schedule of the esports league are as follows:

  • Starter Cup 1 - 1st January to 11th January
  • Masters League - 14th January to 5th February: Phase 1
  • Starter Cup 2 - 8th February to 13th February
  • Relegation - 15th February and 16th February
  • Masters League - 18th February to 12th March: Phase 2
  • LAN Finals: 25th and 26th February

“We can’t wait for the esports party to begin at the Kingfisher India Premiership that will hopefully set the mood high for the whole year. We’ve seen some amazing displays of talent across previous editions, with players making a name for themselves at global and national esports gatherings. We look forward to seeing what 2023 has in store for them!” said chief Akshat Rathee.

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With the Indian gaming space growing at a remarkable pace, it is amazing to see these companies taking initiative to help esports penetrate the world of traditional esports.  Companies like Kingfisher willing to invest in the gaming scene will inspire other companies to follow suit and in due time we will see exponential growth in the gaming ecosystem.

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