Credits to Sinai Plastic. Jio is getting into the gaming market gradually!

Jio launches something new for gaming enthusiasts!

Newsroom Jun 2, 2022

Jio has been getting into the gaming market quite seriously, and we are all here for it. The gaming market in India had been left empty for a long time, and it was high time an Indian company came onto the scene. They have been trying to make sure that people get the full advantage of all the new gaming developments in the market. This is a great opportunity for Indian gamers to get deeper into the industry, and try out all the new features. With its 5G network and cloud gaming services, this new addition is going to increase its domination in the Indian gaming market.

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What is Jio going to launch?

Credits to The Indian Express. Jio's new gaming controller.

Jio has decided to launch its gaming controller for the first time in India, which is huge news! We do not get to see many gaming consoles getting released in the country, and there are hopes that if this gaming controller does take off, soon enough we will be getting a gaming console, and perhaps a series of gaming controllers. This would indeed have a huge impact on the Indian gaming market without a doubt.

What are the Specifications of the Gaming Controller?

Many of you will be quite curious now regarding the specifications of the new gaming controller that Jio will be launching soon:

  • The controller can be used anywhere, starting with Android TVs and tablets and even set-up boxes. However, for set-up boxes, only those from Jio are compatible as of yet. Those from the other companies might not be compatible with the new controller. However, if it does become popular, then they will definitely try to work things out.
  • The controller is also not compatible with gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox as of yet. This is a basic controller that will just help you play the minigames and things like that. You can not go for very big games. even though it supports low latency gaming.
  • The hardware of the controller is quite strong, and it has two vibration feedback motors and two pressure points. Hence, you will get some good responsiveness from the controller.
  • The battery life of the controller will last for 8 hours if used constantly. There is a micro-USB port for charging purposes. Also, the controller supports haptic control.
  • It has Bluetooth v4.1 connectivity, and the range is up to 10 meters. Hence, you can get really comfortable while you are playing your games on your TV.

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What is the Price Range of the Controller?

Credits to Business Today. All about the new controller.

Another important question has to be: what is the price range of the controller? Well, it is starting at ₹3499. Hence, it is quite a moderately priced controller, keeping in view the features and everything. If you still find it a bit expensive, then do not worry. You can also get it on EMI. You can also wait for some days when there are sales and discounts, to get it at a lower price.

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