Credits to MySmartPrice. Jio is coming u with big dreams for the gaming community in India.

Jio is testing HD VR cloud gaming on its in-house 5G network

May 25, 2022

It seems that India is going to get on par with other developed countries when it comes to gaming technology. Reliance Jio, which has managed to be one of the biggest companies in India and take it to the next level, has yet again proved that they are capable of much more than they have achieved. The most recent news from Jio was that they have managed to bring a low-latency 5G network to a lot of places in the country. Though it would take time to become something that everyone uses, many gamers have already used their network and are quite happy with it.

Does Jio have a Cloud Gaming Service?

For those who did not know this, Jio has been working on their cloud gaming service ever since Google Stadia was released. However, they had not yet been able to release the whole project altogether and were trying to work on it. Yet, they were beaten by Airtel quite recently. Airtel managed to reveal their 5G network along with their cloud gaming service.

Credits to India Education Diary. Airtel has already released their cloud gaming services with 5G network.

However, there is a high chance that common gamers will be going for the Jio services instead, as they are more appealing to the masses, and they do provide good offers at a very standard price. However, Airtel is considered to be a bit expensive. Hence, it would be quite interesting to find out which of these cloud services are getting more popular once they are released.

What is Jio Planning to Do?

It seems that Jio will not be outgunned by any other company. They have not yet launched their cloud gaming service, and not only that, they have decided to test out VR headsets for the cloud gaming services. This means that they will be the very first cloud gaming service in India to have VR games in their collection.

Credits to the Mako Reactor. A small sneak into the project. 

However, the whole thing is going under trial and testing now. The authorities have also decided to go for HD VR testing. This means that we will not only get VR games in low resolution but also in full HD. This means those who will be getting the Jio 5G network and the cloud gaming services together, will benefit most from all the services together. Getting these two together means that you will be getting some additional benefits and perks.

There is also a high chance that perhaps after some time, Jio might come up with some VR headsets and gaming accessories. They might have been trying to tap into the gaming market, which has still not yet been discovered by the Indian market. Hence, we might have to thank Jio soon for all the benefits and the new developments that they are going to introduce for the Indian gaming market and the players.

These services might be open for public sale in the next month, most probably in June-July. Hence, you might want to keep an eye open for when Jio will be releasing their 5G networks. Soon enough, they will also release cloud gaming services.

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