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Japan Opens Its Biggest Esports Park To Level Up Competitive Gaming!

Newsroom Apr 21, 2022
Japan unveiled its largest Esports park.
What does Yasuo Hara, President of  the Tokyo Esports Gate have to say?
What does the park include?

Japan unveiled its largest Esports park on Wednesday, as the country hopes to develop itself into a professional gaming juggernaut capable of competing with China, thanks to video game icons like Super Mario and Zelda.

According to Yasuo Hara, President of Tokyo Esports Gate, in comparison to other countries, Japan's Esports market is still growing, but it is still modest. They hope to bridge the divide. Yasuo Hara designed the Red Tokyo Tower attraction. They are hoping to close the gap.

The three-level park at the foot of the iconic Tokyo Tower includes Esports competitions as well as the latest motorsport, virtual reality, and gaming simulators.

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Japanese gamers have been sluggish to embrace esports, preferring homegrown RPGs like "Final Fantasy" and "Dragon Quest," as well as mobile games like "Monster Strike."

It's "still Donkey Kong country," according to Serkan Toto, the founder of gaming industry consultancy Kantan Games, referencing to the famous Nintendo platforming franchise.

Even as Sony and Microsoft duke it out in global markets with next-generation consoles, Nintendo's Switch system has a devoted following in Japan.

The Kyoto-based company is best known for the multiplayer games "Splatoon" and "Smash Bros.," although it is less successful in encouraging competitive gameplay than companies like Riot Games, which is controlled by Tencent in China.

Japanese apprehension about Esports contrasts with that of neighbouring China and South Korea, where passion is evident in the competitive success of teams in multiplayer PC games like Riot's "League of Legends."


According to research firm Newzoo, China, where console manufacturers have failed to make breakthroughs related to legal barriers, will account for roughly a third of global Esports income this year, driven mostly by sponsorship.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, the growth of streaming on sites like Amazon's Twitch acted as a push for e-sports, with global revenue estimated to reach US$1.38 billion this year, according to Newzoo.

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