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Jamppi aims to return to CS:GO

Newsroom May 16, 2022
Read about what Jamppi thinks about his comeback to CS:GO
Read about what made him choose VALORANT over CS:GO
The time period he thinks of making a comeback to CS:GO

Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen, Team Liquid's VALORANT player and former CS:GO pro for ENCE, recently told his Twitch audience that he intends to return to Valve's FPS in the upcoming future.

A fan approached the 20-year-old while playing CS: GO and asked if he wanted to switch back. Jamppi left CS: GO in January 2021, just less than a year after joining ENCE, one of the most prominent Finnish squads. The AWPer later signed with Liquid in February 2021 and since then has competed in a number of VALORANT competitions, notably VCT Champions in December 2021.

The earliest he could make a comeback is in October 2022, according to Jamppi on his live stream. This year's VALORANT Champions will be held in September, indicating that he is considering his options once the competition is over. Twitch has since removed the video clip.

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He was once probably one of the finest young players in CS:GO, but he never lived up to the hype. While still participating in Counter-Strike, he was simultaneously fighting against Valve for the right to compete in the majors. He was barred from participating in Valve-sponsored events since his prior Steam account was supposedly VAC-banned in 2015.

However, in April 2021, Valve reversed its position on VAC bans and permitted players who had supposedly cheated to participate in the Majors if their bans occurred fewer than five years before a Regional Major Ranking (RMR) competition.

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Jamppi pondered returning once Valve revised the eligibility requirements but finally decided to stay with VALORANT. It's unclear what prompted him to change his mind, or how Team Liquid would handle his departure from the Esport.

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