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Is Xbox looking to publish cloud games?

Newsroom Apr 1, 2022

Microsoft announced its Xbox Game Studios Publishing cloud gaming division at GDC 2022.
This Xbox publishing group section focuses on cloud-native games.
Kim Swift, the head of the cloud gaming group, talked about the types of problems the team wants to take on.

At GDC (Game Developers Conference) 2022, Microsoft announced its Xbox Game Studios Publishing Cloud, gaming division. This division is attempting to build "cloud-native" videogames for the Xbox environment.

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In a presentation, the senior director of Cloud Gaming Kim Swift explained the process for developers who are working with the publishing organization. A cloud-native game, unlike a game streamed through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, would hypothetically be processed nearly completely on the server before even being broadcast to a player's device.

Swift is a seasoned game designer who previously worked at Valve as a project lead on Portal and as a designer on Left 4 Dead before moving on to Stadia Games and Entertainment as a game design director. Xbox Game Studios Publishing hired Swift.

"We believe cloud gaming offers great upside potential for outreach and accessibility," Swift said, adding that the company is considering publishing cloud-native games.

Swift also points out that cloud gaming is in its infancy as a technology, with further study needed in areas such as better graphics, more complicated or numerous NPCs, and even more players than local hardware allows.

She went on to say that the organization is looking for developers who are "excited about cloud gaming and new technologies" and want to see what cloud-native games can do.

The division is searching for games with "high levels of engagement, broad appeal, and reach," as well as the "opportunity to develop meaningful communities, advocate diversity, inclusiveness, and accessibility," according to her.

According to speculation over the last year, Xbox is working on a contract to publish one of Hideo Kojima's and Kojima Productions' upcoming titles, though nothing has been officially revealed yet.

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