Krafton has multiple projects lined up now.

Credits to The Esports Observer. Krafton has multiple projects lined up now.

Is Krafton releasing an expensive-looking Korean fantasy game?

Newsroom Sep 23, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into all the details and analysis of the Unannounced Project.

Krafton might be coming up with a story-mode game next!
The game will be based on a Korean fantasy novel series.
They have released the trailer as "Unannounced Project".

For those who have been waiting for some good games to drop, or feel that most of the games are becoming boring, well this news is for them! After the immense success that Krafton has gotten from PUBG, it seems that the company will not stop anytime soon. They are going to go over and beyond with all their acquired studios and companies, and will soon be coming up with something that we would have never guessed! In this news blog, we will be discussing Krafton’s Unannounced Project, and what it could mean exactly.

Is Krafton Releasing a New Game?

For those who are not aware, Krafton had recently gotten the rights to a Korena fantasy novel series named The Bird That Drinks Tears back in 2021. When everyone got the news about this, they were quite sure that there is going to be a game based on the series. However, Krafton has not yet said anything about the game being adapted for the series. In fact, Krafton has said nothing about the game, and this is making people wonder what must all of it be about. Krafton had just released this video:

Though the graphics and the effects of the video seems to be extremely realistic, fans have been trying to decode if the game is similar to the fantasy series. But, this was a video where it was not even shown if this is a game, and how to even play it. It was more like a trailer for something that is going to drop soon.

What is the Unannounced Project about?

You might be still wondering after the video, what does it all mean? Though we cannot shed much light on the context of the video. However, from the technical point of view, what we could understand from the video is that the CGI of the game is more than impressive. There are speculations that the CGI could be made with the help of Unreal Engine 5. Not only this, there are speculations about the game being a single-player mode, for there is a high chance that it could be a story-based game.

Credits to Unnanounced Project. The CGI of the game is amazing!

Not only this, apparently the trailer has a name “The Nhaga Eater”, which is a name that has been derived from the fantastical series that Krafton had acquired a year back. Not only this, but Krafton has also given this project to Team Windless, which is one of the acquired companies under Krafton. The design director is Iain McCaig, who was the concept artist for Star Wars and Avengers! Thereby, expect some grand animations and CGIs for this game.

This video might interest you:

When will the Game release?

There has been no news about when the game will be released, and it might still more than a year to get the game all ready to be released to the public. Hence, there is quite some time left for the game to be released properly.

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