Is Google Stadia going to shut down?

Credits to Youtube. Is Google Stadia going to shut down?

Is Google Really Trying to Shut Down Stadia?

Newsroom Aug 2, 2022

After all these talks about BGMI's ban, removal from India, and Steam getting removed from Indonesia, there seems to be news about the other companies or platforms getting closed down too. One rumour that could not spread like a wildfire in India but did spread nonetheless was that Google might be taking down Stadia. This would have shocked everyone to their core, had we not been in mourning for BGMI. In today’s blog, we will be getting what Google has to say about closing down or rather shutting down Stadia.

What is Google Stadia?

Stadia Gaming Controller
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Well, for those who are not aware, Google Stadia is a cloud gaming service from Google. A cloud gaming service is a service where all the games will be stored, and you can play these games anywhere on any platform, which will help you to play on different devices. However, Google Stadia has gotten some mixed reviews from people. Some people felt that Stadia was not quite steady and needed a lot of updates and work.

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What were the rumours about Google Stadia?

There is a website on the Internet that usually gives information about which Google products are going to be discarded, and which are going to stay. Among the list, there was Google Stadia too, which came as a shock. People immediately felt worried about the whole thing, as they had not expected the platform to close down so quickly. Then some people felt that it was quite a wise decision on the part of Google, as Stadia would take quite a lot of time to become stable enough to handle strong gaming across all platforms.

What did Google say about the rumours?

Well, Google has denied all such rumours regarding them closing down. They clearly stated that in the tweet:

They have specifically mentioned that it is not going to close down anytime soon, and they are even trying to bring in new games and new changes for Stadia Pro.

Another thing Google has opened up about recently is that they have decided to focus more on Stadia, as all its products have been reaching milestones, while Stadia has been lagging. They have been trying to go for the AAA games. Most cloud service game platforms have been trying to add some high-quality games to their collection. Hence, Google Stadia has to be developed better in its way of handling high-quality games. Hence, they will have to work on their mechanics and drive, to run all the high-quality games efficiently.

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