Is ‘Call Of Duty’ better than BGMI?

Interview Feb 7, 2022

(Interview: KGI & SAGE E-sports)

“Right now, E-sports is just in its sprouting stage. It’s gonna bloom immensely over the next few years. E-sports is the future!”

Since the start, the competition has been immense, be it among the games or the gamers. Thousands of games were launched but only a few were able to leave imprints in our hearts & they’re still ruling the gaming world. For example, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, BGMI, Free Fire, Call Of Duty & a few more! Millions of people are playing these MOBA games at any time, the reason why the E-sports industry is gonna bloom immensely.

Including this issue in the topics of discussion, Tournafest conducted the fourth episode of Tournatalks, an Instagram live conversation show that’s organized every Sunday by inviting people from the gaming industry over. We invited three incredibly worthwhile & talented people to our live show on January 30, 2022, namely: Mr. Sunny Sawalakhe aka Omega(Founder: Sage E-sports), Mr. Anshul Patel aka Sasuke(Co-Founder & CEO, Sage E-sports), and Azam Khan, a well-renowned streamer on KGI’s Youtube channel. A lot of discussions were made regarding E-sports: the present & future, Call of Duty, gaming, tips for gamers & organizers, and much more! The session was extremely interactive & fun and was hosted by Ms. Siddhi Tiwari, Marketing Manager at Tournafest.

Continue reading below to find a brief analysis of the live session.

Sage E-sports is working to provide a platform for the upcoming talent in the industry & also the unrecognized players. How has the journey of Sage so far been?

Mr. Anshul Patel(Sasuke), Co-Founder of Sage E-sports answered this question by stating that “Sage started as an Instagram account, with no future plans of becoming an organizer. Eventually, the audience on the Instagram account started booming & in no time there were over 30k followers on the account. We started off with the plan to grow as gamers but life is unpredictable. With the huge audience on our account, we had to start managing the users who wanted to connect with us. We shifted that audience to Discord & in no time a community named ‘Sage’ was established. We started by helping underdogs & to date, we’re working on the same. We have a separate server for the underdogs who want to connect with us. Who knew an Instagram account would give birth to such a community? Life is beautifully unpredictable.”

How has been the journey of Azam as a streamer on KGI’s Youtube channel? What kind of difficulties has he encountered throughout?

“The journey has been good overall. The audience as well as the community has been supportive since Day 1. I started with streaming COD when it was newly launched, thinking that it was a great idea to start streaming with a new game. It was KGI who started the trend to organize Tournaments for its audience. Every day we’re hosting at least two Tournaments without fail & the experience has been heartwarming. To date, we’ve organized about 1000 Tournaments & given away around 5 lacs. About the difficulties, we all know that CODM isn’t that popular in comparison to other games. Well, this is the only thing that I’ve spectated as an obstacle. We’re trying to resolve this problem by making people more aware of Call Of Duty.”

Do you think that the introduction of PUBG, now BGMI has had an impact on the COD audience in India?

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“Well, I’m not affirmative on this. The audience of Call Of Duty is slightly less in India, but it’s a distinct set of loyal individuals. We wouldn’t give up on COD for any other game. It’s true love! 80/100 people will always stay for COD no matter whichever game is launched,” said Azam Khan.

We’ve seen people making their career in E-sports. What is the scope in CODM Gaming for the gamers who’re seeking the same: to build a career in E-sports?

“It’s a bit hard to make a career out of gaming in CODM but it can surely be done if you proceed systematically. It’ll take a lot of practice & experience for you to achieve this goal. We have been working to build a career in COD for a long time now. In fact, we started with COD”, said Mr. Sunny Sawalakhe aka Omega(Founder: Sage E-sports).

Mr. Azam continued by saying, “There are not many Tournaments in COD for now so I won’t say that you can make a career out of COD but you can derive a small amount as pocket money for sure! Even the top, world-level players don’t earn this much. The best you can derive from COD gaming is to prepare yourself for the competitive scenes. Once you’re ready for the competitive play, you can do wonders because then you know the process & hence you can win any game you want!”

Many young gamers are getting into streaming nowadays. So, Azam, what advice or tips would you like to give to such gamers who’re just starting a career in the same?

“Well, my views on this are that every channel grows on YouTube. Some will grow with a spike while some, gradually but eventually, each channel will find the audience that’ll relate to that content. So, the key advice is to stay consistent, and motivated.”

When is the next big Call Of Duty Tournament happening on Tournafest?

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“More registrations, more players & hence larger prize pools! If you want huge tournaments for the game, then download the Tournafest app now and support us to grow more. Ultimately, you’ll receive more & more Tournaments!”, said Azam Khan.

Will Apex Legends beat CODM?

It won’t beat CODM because it has a different fanbase. The audience for both the games is different & loyalty will continue to exist. Also, with talks about the launch of COD-2, the future of COD seems bright.

What are some tips that can be incorporated to become a good Organizer?

Since organizing is all about Management so the first skill you need is learning how to manage a pretty huge amount of people. Secondly, you need a team to get the tasks done efficiently. Lastly, stay focused & determined.

How has been your journey as an Organizer?

“Well, we have organized a number of Tournaments for Sage as well as for many other platforms so we gained a lot of experience from there. But, with Tournafest the journey has been so smooth & ultimate. Earlier, we had to put in a lot of manpower for a single Tournament but now with Tournafest, everything is very easy & convenient to perform. Organizing Tournaments is no longer a painful task. Our best experience to date has been with Tournafest,” said Mr. Sunny Sawalakhe aka Omega.

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This was a brief analysis of the fourth Live conversational session, ‘Tournatalks’ conducted every Sunday by Tournafest. We hope you were able to comprehend some useful learnings from the live session analysis. Thanks for reading & stay tuned for more such informational blogs.

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