Credits to Dot Esports. BGMI is banned right now from the Google Play store.

Is BGMI going to be Banned Permanently?

Newsroom Jul 29, 2022

In this blog, we will get into the fact as to why did the Indian government suddenly decide to ban BGMI?

The Indian government has decided to ban BGMI.
There are quite a lot of speculations as to why did they decide to take such a decision.
Many of the major Esports companies and organisation are trying to plead with the government.

Last evening, when BGMI mysteriously disappeared from the Google Play Store, fans and gamers were quite curious as to what exactly happened. Many felt that it could be some sort of glitch, or that maybe developers were working on something. Everyone felt that they would get the answer to this sudden removal today. However, we are back with the answer as to what happened yesterday, but it is not quite a pleasant one. Those of you who are active on Twitter and Instagram might have already seen the posts related to this, and we are more than regretful to inform you that BGMI has been banned in India.

Why is BGMI being banned?

Just two years ago, the game that made India’s Esports community so strong, PUBG, was banned by the Indian government for two reasons. One is that the game was created and developed by a Chinese company named Krafton. The government was, at that point in time, trying to reduce the Chinese influence in India. Another reason for banning the game was that children and youth were addicted to it. Every day there would be absurd news about children being addicted to and becoming violent with these games. All of these have led to the game's being banned permanently in India.

You can watch some of the best BGMI highlights for nostalgia:

However, soon enough, BGMI was said to be developed by Indian creators, and it was quite a thing to rejoice about. In fact, the government has encouraged gamers to play this game so that more support can be given to the Indian creators. However, the sudden ban has made people wonder about what went wrong all of a sudden. There are various speculations as to what exactly happened. However, there was an official statement from BGMI today which went as follows:

Credits to Twitter. BGMI's official statement. 

What does it mean?

Well, there has always been speculation regarding the fact that many apps actually sell their users' private data to some big companies for their own profit. The Indian government has been trying hard to keep it at a minimal level. Unfortunately, BGMI has fallen into such a category. Though they have specified that they never really did any such thing, things might not look so good for them.

People are also speculating about the fact that the Indian government could also force the game to be stopped because of all the violent incidents that have been occurring again among the youth, and the effect it is having is quite similar to the one with PUBG. All of this has altogether culminated in the ban on the game.

Will BGMI ever return?

For those who have the game on their devices, it is still available for them to play. BGMI has not yet informed us if they are going to withdraw completely or not. People have been trying to plead with the government to remove the ban as BGMI has become a massive Esports market in the country, helping the economy. There could be no other game that would be able to build an empire like BGMI. Hence, we have to wait for a few days to find out what the government's decision is going to be.

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