Steam is finally unbanned in Indonesia, but not Epic Games.

Credits to Sportskeeda. Steam is finally unbanned in Indonesia, but not Epic Games.

Indonesia has unblocked Steam! But why not Epic Games and EA?

Newsroom Aug 3, 2022

In this blog, we will get to know Indonesia decided to unban Steam, but is still not lifting up the ban from Epic Games, Origin and EA?

Indonesia has finally decided to unban Steam and Yahoo.
However, Epic Games, Origin, EA, PayPal, etc are still unbanned.
Apparently, they cannot come to a middle ground with the government.

It seems that tons of brands and companies are getting banned all across the world, and things might seem to get more difficult for all the major gaming companies. India's banning of BGMI after PUBG is already making headlines. However, in Indonesia, the whole gaming community could be in massive danger, for their whole market is going to close down pretty soon. In today’s blog, we will be getting into all the reasons why Indonesia banned so many major gaming companies, and whether they are going to be unbanned anytime soon.

Which companies did Indonesia ban and why?

There are a lot of companies that Indonesia has decided to ban. Some of them are Steam, PayPal, Yahoo, Epic Games, and Origin. Most of them are major gaming companies, and that has been a huge blow to the gaming community. About these, the games that are related to Steam and Epic Games. Hence, gamers in Indonesia cannot play popular games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Fortnite. This was quite devastating news for all the Esports personalities.

Many people have been using VPN to get through all the banned apps.
Photo by Petter Lagson / Unsplash

However, one must want to know the reason why the county has decided to ban all of these companies all of a sudden. Well, the reason is that the companies’ policies have been conflicting with their new law, MR5. According to this policy, the companies are to give them all the information whenever the government wants to know regarding their country’s users. When the companies had not complied with it, they decided to ban all the companies that went against it.

Which companies have been unbanned?

Recently, Indonesia lifted the ban on Steam and Yahoo, and it seems that both parties have managed to come to a compromise. Hence, the gamers of Indonesia are partially relieved now that they can peacefully go back to their gaming lives. However, they are not completely relaxed yet, for not all companies have been unbanned.

PayPal has been banned in Indonesia.
Photo by Marques Thomas / Unsplash

Epic Games and EA have not yet been unbanned, which will still be a massive blow to the Indonesian Esports community. There are tons of games from Epic Games that are dominating the gaming world right now. Additionally, the Unreal Engine is in association, so the game developers of Indonesia will also face a lot of problems in their field of work. EA has been banned too, and that means that Indonesia has to still go on without playing any FIFA for quite some time now. This was quite a bummer for the whole gaming community in Indonesia.

Will they be permanently banned?

The Indonesian government has declared that if the companies fail to negotiate with them or comply with their laws, then they will not be allowed to carry out their business in their own country. Hence, it is all up to the companies and the government and the decisions they reach that will decide if they are going to get banned permanently.

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