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India’s Top Rank In The Gaming Market?

Newsroom May 4, 2022

There was a time when gaming was just seen as a passing time passage more than anything else in India. However, now it seems that things are changing quite rapidly. Esports and the gaming industry are on the rise all over the world, and it seems that India is also not falling behind. Recently, there have been a lot of studies regarding this subject, and it seems that India might be gradually rising to the top of the industry. In today’s blog, we will be getting into if India is at the top of the gaming market or not.

How is India rising in the Gaming Market?

Anyone would be surprised to learn that India has suddenly begun to rise in the gaming market. Well, that is where it gets more interesting. During the pandemic, there has been more growth in the gaming sector of the country than usual. So much so that it is speculated that by 2023, the revenue generated by India in the gaming industry will be quite close to INR 154 billion. That is a massive amount, which comes quite close to the other big countries like the USA, Brazil, etc.

Credits to Indian Gaming Show. Data on PC and Mobile Gaming Growth.

However, what is making India such a prominent face in the industry is “mobile gaming”. This has all been made possible because of the rise in the number of Internet users. It has been reported that the number of Internet users has risen as high as 560, and can be considered the second-highest in terms of Internet consumption. Hence, it could be well concluded that with the rise of Internet users, good quality technology, and the pandemic, everything benefitted the mobile gaming community, and it soon rose to significance.

Statistics have been pointing out that in 2021, India will have as many as 220-303 million gamers at the moment, who usually spend some 42 minutes on average on gaming. This is quite a good number and puts India among the top countries where gaming is getting more prominent,

Now you might be wondering what the trends of growth are in India’s mobile gaming market. Here are some of them:

  • With better features, there has been a higher engagement. Indian game developers are working to make gamers more suitable and easier to use. Other games are too coming up with features that are user-friendly and run smoothly on mobile, which gives them a universal appeal.
  • The gaming community has been rising with the popularity of tournaments and leagues in the country. Gamers are no longer just playing video games as a hobby; they are actively participating in tournaments to advance themselves in the gaming community, which serves as an inspiration for others to participate in Esports.
  • This brings us to the next point, influencers. Streaming is becoming popular in India. Watching the streamers and the content creators is making others try out certain games, and also giving a voice to the community. Before, it used to be quite a small topic, but now the gaming community is connected through various streaming platforms.


This is fantastic news, as India is gradually becoming more prominent in Esports and the gaming industry. This is also opening a lot of prospects for the investors. Though it is a relevantly new market, they could easily get in through the technological industry.

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