Credits to Female Cricket. The Commonwealth Esports Championship 2022 is soon to be started! 

India has secured a berth in the Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022 for three games!

Newsroom Jun 17, 2022
India has qualified for three titles and booked its place in the Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022!
The three titles are DOTA2, Rocket League, and efootball!  
eFootball is an unique addition to the Esports games that will be played in the Commonwealth!

India has been rising in the Esports community ever since we started to participate in various Esports tournaments and leagues all over the world. The way India is collecting all the awards and getting ahead in the Esports community, there is little doubt that soon enough the country will be one of the best ones in the Esports world. In today’s news blog, we will be getting into India’s advancement to the Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022 in DOTA 2 and Rocket League. This is pretty great as they have managed to qualify for two of the most popular game titles.

Which game titles will India compete for at the Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022?

India has managed to get a good win in the Rocket League against Pakistan, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. The qualifiers were quite a treat, and India has managed to get an overwhelming victory over three of the teams. Hence, they have booked a seat for themselves in the Commonwealth Esports Championship 2022.

The first match against Pakistan was quite a close one, with India winning 3-2. Soon after that, the match with Malaysia was getting quite intense, and yet India still took the victory, 3-1. Finally, the match against Sri Lanka did not even make us think about who was going to be the winner. India performed marvellously throughout and then got an overwhelming victory, so the seat for the Championship is there now.

Credits to IndiseTheGames. We can only imagine how magnificently the Esports events will be carried out!

Another title that India has qualified for is DOTA 2. The team has managed to get some good points and victories against most of the countries participating in the Play-Offs. It would be quite interesting to see them play in the Commonwealth Esports Championship. Even though the fans were expecting to see some good gameplay in the Asian Games, unfortunately, it got postponed, and now we have to see the team perform only in the Commonwealth.

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India will also take part in the eFootball series that will have a women’s category too. This will be quite a new inclusion in the Commonwealth, and honestly, we cannot wait for these games to start so that we can have a look at what is going to happen in the Commonwealth. We are all counting on India getting some major recognition, if not the highest ranks.

When will the Commonwealth Esports Championship 2022 start?

The Esports event has been included in the Commonwealth for the very first time, and it will be held from August 1 to August 7. Hence, you can catch up on the Esports events alongside the main Commonwealth events. However, we are still quite disheartened over the cancellation of the Asian Games, where Esports was added as an additional event too. This year is going great for the Esports community overall. The Commonwealth will award titles and awards in Esports events, but the branding and sponsors will be tailored to gamers rather than general viewers.

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