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In Taiwan, the World's Premiere Kingston Fury Gaming Lab Is Unveiled

Newsroom Apr 29, 2022
Kingston Fury launched the world’s first gaming lab in Taiwan.
What all does the gaming lab contain?
The 3 zones of the lab!!

Kingston Technology Corporation is a global computer technology company based in the United States that designs, manufactures, sells, and supports flash memory and other computer-related memory products. Kingston Technology is based in Fountain Valley, California, and employs over 3,000 people worldwide as of Q1 2016. Manufacturing and logistics facilities are located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Taiwan, and China, respectively.

Recently they launched the world's first Kingston FURY Gaming Lab at its APAC office located in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, Kingston FURY, a part of Kingston Technology maintains its stride of connecting gamers to their passion. Kingston's dedication to establishing a robust gaming ecosystem is demonstrated. The new Kingston FURY Gaming Lab brings guests an immersive experience that connects Kingston FURY's storage and memory solutions with practical uses, combining fascinating gaming solutions and technology.

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For the 18th year in a row, Kingston was named the top provider of third-party DRAM modules, as well as the top provider of channel SSD units in 2021. Kingston released their high-performance gaming line, Kingston FURY, in 2021, leveraging 20 years of expertise and a well-established brand in the PC gaming hardware industry. Kingston FURY increased its gaming product offering with the high-performance Kingston FURY Renegade PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD, as a forerunner in the release of DDR5 memory products.

Kingston has always put itself in the spotlight when it comes to launching high-performing goods and raising industry standards. Kingston's R & D center at the Hsinchu Science Park has been the cornerstone of innumerable initiatives, making it the ideal location for the Kingston FURY Gaming Lab.

According to Vice President Kevin Wu, Sales/Marketing and Business Development of the APAC region, their business and marketing methods significantly focus on client feedback, and they attempt to offer the latest and most intense gaming experience to the table. Gamers, overclockers, and partners are invited to participate in the perfecting and optimizing of Kingston FURY goods in the gaming lab to assist them in focusing on their customers' increasing needs.

The Gaming Lab is adorned with the brand's characteristic colors, flaming red and jet black, and trademark heat spreader designs everywhere to personify Kingston FURY's rebellious attitude. The entire arrangement is studded with LEDs that mimic the Kingston FURY range's brilliant RGB lighting effects, which are popular among gamers all over the world.

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There were three zones in the gaming lab: A, B, and C.

Zone A: A DRAM-shaped pillar where visitors can play an interactive game to learn about the various types of gamers they are and get product recommendations that best suit their preferences.

Zone B: This zone is where the world's best PC modders were asked to customize three PC builds: Memory Nexus, FURY Racing Spacecraft, and FURY Jet Pack. The brand's rebellious energy and inventive look are embodied in these customizations. The three PCs and one laptop on show in this zone are equipped with a variety of their products, featuring DDR5 memory, Renegade PCIe 4.0 SSDs, and the latest Impact DDR5 SODIMMs for laptops and compact form factor computers, all designed to empower gamers to accomplish more on the battlefield.

Zone C: This zone provides a more in-depth look at Kingston's engineering process and strategic alliances with industry partners that ensure platform compatibility and efficiency.

In complement to the lab space, Kingston FURY demonstrated its fresh new RGB ambient lighting for DDR5 memory, exhibiting 16 settings managed by the straightforward Kingston FURY CTRL software, including countdown, fireworks, flames, and rhythm special effects. Users can customize the lighting schemes' colors and speeds to meet their gaming aesthetics. In the second quarter of this year, Kington FURY Beast DDR5 RGB memory will be released.

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