IESF and Big Bang Media Ventures are set to launch Asia Open Esports Championship. Photo via IESF

IESF and Big Bang Media Ventures are set to launch Asia Open Esports Championship. Photo via IESF

IESF Teams up With Big Bang Media Ventures to Launch Asia Open Esports Championship

Newsroom Dec 13, 2022

IESF and Big Bang Media Ventures are set to launch Asia Open Esports Championship.

The Worldwide Esports Alliance (IESF) has held hands with India's Enormous detonation Media Adventures (BBMVPL) to send off the debut Asia Open Esports Title (Asia Open) from January 30 to March 15 one year from now.

One of the greatest esports competitions at any point held the Asia Open will see the cooperation of nearly 40 nations across Asia and the Center East, giving gamers an uncommon stage to globally contend and fabricate networks.

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To be held web-based in its debut version, the occasion will highlight 4 driving esports titles including the monstrously famous eFootball match-up, PES. Focused on the standards of 'esports-for-all', the Asia Open hugs each gamer by having three expertise-based classifications; beginners to experts.

Chief of the IESF Vlad Marinescu said, “We are delighted to partner with Big Bang Media Ventures (BBMVPL) for ‘The IESF Asia Open Esports Games’. This unique championship reaffirms our collective commitment to making esports truly immersive and inclusive and provides every gamer with the opportunity to compete with the best. IESF is very excited at the possibilities this event could create even beyond the vibrant regions of Asia and the Middle East."

Enormous detonation Media Adventure is claimed by well-known Bollywood creator Madhu Mantena and broker and business visionary, Ravneet Gill and will hope to overwhelm a multi-join diversion and learning environment.

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Madhu Mantena and Ravneet Gill said “Gaming is one of the biggest social and cultural megatrends of all times and we are delighted to have been chosen by the IESF as their partners to host the IESF Asia Open. Asia and the Middle East are two of the most dynamic and passionate esports regions in the world and we want to create a championship environment that is competitive, collaborative, and fun. The intention is as much to build the champions of tomorrow as it is to build an engaged borderless community by making esports mainstream. Given BBMVPL’s peerless credentials in entertainment content production and sports and esports education, we see this as an opportunity to redefine gaming content and turbocharge the creator economy.".

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