Cover Photo via IEM

Cover Photo via IEM

IEM Rio CSGO Major Legends Stage Final Day

Newsroom Nov 8, 2022

Outsiders, Heroic and Fnatic become the latest team to join Cloud9 and Furia in the play-off stage of IEM Rio 2022 at the cost of BNE, Vitality and Sprout.

The biggest highlight of the day was ENCE’s win over Vitality which saw the latter pack their bags for de_airpot. They were looking solid heading into the major but the Challengers stage exposed several cracks that they had. Somehow, after they were able to qualify for the Legends stage and only managed a single win over FaZe.

Fnatic had a comfortable 2-0 win over an in-form BIG Clan that ensured the Meizi-led side will be making an appearance on the legends stage. This loss leaves BIG on the fence where a win means qualification and a loss would send them packing.

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Today will be the final day of the Legends stage and three more spots are up for grabs. NAVI, Spirit, ENCE, Liquid, Mouz and BIG pose a chance to make it. For the last day, we have NAVI taking on BIG Clan, ENCE taking on Mouz and Spirit taking on Liquid. A lot on the line, with several top teams who are favourites to win the event, can take an exit this early on. From the remaining teams, ENCE, NAVI and Spirit are favourites to go to the next stage but their oppositions pose a great chance to cause an upset.

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In the first game of the day, Mouz takes on ENCE where a in form SunPayus are looking to send the up-and-comers in Mouz home. Having put up an exciting show in their last match against Vitality, ENCE has quietly emerged as a favourite to do well in this major.

NAVI takes on a BIG who are looking better than ever. BIG clan has performed supremely well in the event and is in a good position to make it through at the cost of NAVI. However, no matter how shaky, NAVI and s1mple are CSGO royalty who cannot be counted out no matter what.

Liquid and Spirit are two teams who have looked shaky and is primed to be a banger of a match. Matches start at 19:30 IST and can be watched live on the official ESL Twitch channel.

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