NAVI go through. Photo via HLTV.

NAVI go through. Photo via HLTV. 

IEM Rio Challengers Stage Concludes

Newsroom Nov 10, 2022

The IEM Rio CSGO Major Legends stage has concluded and the 8 teams are confirmed will make it to the next stage of the tournament.

On the last day of the Legend's stage, we bid farewell to 3 top teams after thrilling matches. The last day r has closed, and we currently have every one of the eight groups that have been equipped for the esteemed Bosses phase of the competition.

Last day, we saw Courageous, Untouchables, and Fnatic making it to the playoffs as games like Vitality, Bad News Eagles, and Sprout wound up being wiped out from the occasion.

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The matches will proceed from tomorrow as the six leftover teams- MOUZ, ENCE, BIG, NaVi, Liquid, and Team Spirit- held back nothing at the Legends stage. Toward the beginning of the day, every one of these teams was in the 2-2 pool, having dominated two matches and lost two games during the Legends phase of the occasion.

Final Standing. Photo via HLTV.

To open the last day, Mouz brought down ENCE in a best of 3, a coordinated start with a prevailing triumph on Ancient which was responded by ENCE with a well-matched response on Nuke. After a 16-5 misfortune in old, ENCE returned with a 16-7 scoreline on Nuke. The last map of the series saw ENCE start off very well however Mouz immediately tracked down their issues and won the map 16-9.

NAVI man-handled BIG, in the second match of the day. Despite the fact that NAVI were looking far from its best, BIG failed to capitalize on that. 16-11 on Mirage and 16-12 on Dust as NAVI dealt with BIG and came out as the winner.

IEM Rio CSGO Major Legends Stage Final Day
Outsiders, Heroic and Fnatic become the latest team to join Cloud9 and Furia in the play-off stage of IEM Rio 2022 at the cost of BNE, Vitality and Sprout. The biggest highlight of the day was ENCE’s win over Vitality which saw the latter pack their bags for de_

With only one spot left, Liquid took on Spirit, and albeit the North Americans started off very strong, Spirit found their form on the CT side of Vertigo and off the rear of strong exhibitions from any semblance of w0nderful and magixx, They brought home their own pick and the next one too.

With 8 teams in the playoffs, we are due to very some high stake matches that will see 4 of the 8 teams bid farewell to CSGO’s greatest prize.

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