Pokemon Go is scheduled for an update. Photo via Reddit.

Pokemon Go is scheduled for an update. Photo via Reddit. 

Huge map update coming to Pokemon Go.!

Newsroom Oct 28, 2022

The upcoming Pokemon:GO update is set to bring major changes, know how!

Everyone’s favorite augmented reality game Pokemon Go is set to undergo a massive overhaul that will bring several changes to the game. This will mark the first major update to the game after three long years.

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Pokemon go was launched way back in 2016 and sent shockwaves across the world after winding up in many controversies. Since 2016, the game has evolved in many ways but has stayed true to its core elements. Being an augmented reality-based game, the integration of real-life maps into the game has given the players an entirely new way of playing, which at the time was a fresh and innovative way of interacting with a mobile game.

The game will add more realistic locations to the game. Photo via Niantic

Pokemon go successfully mapped down some of the biggest cities in the world accurately so roaming about would be fun. The accurate integration of geographical structures was amazing and roaming around the streets to catch Pokemon wandering around real-world locations was nothing like ever seen before.

Certain real-world locations were modified into the in-game locations like the Pokemon Gym and for this very reason, the game has seen little to no updates in the locations and regional department. The only updates that the game has received were mostly of events and banners, however, the most recent announcement has promised major changes to the game.

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“ It’s been three years since our last map update. Since then, both Pokémon GO and the world around us have changed.

To continue bringing you an experience that connects your exploration of the world around you with what you see in Pokémon GO, you may notice some changes to the in-game map over the next few weeks. The map will more accurately reflect the environment, and different Pokémon will appear in a greater variety of places. These updates are intended to bring the world of Pokémon GO closer to what you see around you.” reads their official statement.

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It is clear that the big change that they referred to is focused on updating the geography of the in-game maps, which will address any and all changes that may have taken place between the last update and now. The game looks to make the already existing areas more detailed while adding new areas that failed to make it to the game the last time. In addition to that, there will be an increase in the number of Pokemons that appear throughout the world.

The update will increase the frequency with which the Pokemons appear. Photo via Prime Gaming

The exact date for the update is not revealed yet, however, it is clear that it will be here in the coming weeks. Given the nature of the update, it is presumed to drop systematically not all at once.

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